Australia Retains Balkan Ashes

The second annual Balkan Ashes, an exhibition cricket match between teams of the Australian and British embassies, played on the Lisičji Jarak field, saw Australia retain the title

Australia Retains Balkan Ashes

After three hours of play, the team of Australian Ambassador H.E. Julia Feeney was 37 runs better than the team of British Ambassador H.E. Denis Keefe, who himself took part in the T20 (twenty-twenty) match.

The best individual players were declared as Stuart Taylor (British Embassy) and Paul Champion (Australian Embassy).

The cricket match brought together numerous officials, including Uroš Pribićević, on behalf of the Municipality of Palilula. This “Sporting Spectacle on Jarak” was organised by the Crveni krst (Red Cross) Palilula team.

“We are ending the season in a nice way, with an exhibition match between two traditional cricketing nations, and we are extremely happy that we will be organising similar matches in the years ahead,” said Haris Dajč, president of the Cricket Federation of Serbia.