Argentine Artists Exhibit In Belgrade

Argentine Artists Exhibit In Belgrade 2018

Argentine Ambassador to Serbia, H.E. Ricardo F. Fernández, Ambassador of Portugal H.E. Augusto José Pestana Saraiva Peixoto, Ambassador of Palestine H.E. Mohamed Nabhan and Ambassador of Cuba H.E. Gustavo Tristá del Todo attended and thus enriched the opening of an exhibition entitled “Forward: works and processes”, which opened at the Culture Centre of Belgrade and features works of Argentine artists Mateo Amaral, Mano Leyrado and Cecilia Rosso.

The exhibition is curated and produced by Ariel Ireneo Chavez and Luisa Tomatti.

The ‘Forward’ collective comprises Argentine curators and designers who present to the public contemporary video productions, maps, documents and photographs of artists who live and work in Buenos Aires and other Argentine cities.

The exhibition runs in Belgrade until 1st March 2018.