Ambassador Schieb awards Zoran Djindjić scholarships

Thomas Schieb

Ambassador of Germany to Serbia H.E. Thomas Schieb handed scholarships to Serbian students for the 2019/2020 school year from the Zoran Djindjić scholarship program, within the German Business for the Western Balkan countries and the German Academic Student Exchange (DAAD)

The German ambassador said that student programs represent an investment in human resources, adding that they have a large number of positive examples of students who spent a certain period in Germany, and after that, returned and found good and important jobs in Serbia.

“These programs represent an investment in the young because while in Germany, they become acquainted with the way of life, they acquire friends, new contacts, which enables new and further business connections,” said Ambassador Shieb.

Ambassador Schieb

“The idea is behind the program is not a brain drain, but the opportunity for young people who gain experience and new knowledge in Germany and to return to Serbia and contribute to the development of this beautiful country,” added Ambassador Schieb.

He said that Zoran Djindjić scholarship program sends students to Germany to spend some time in German companies, to gain experience, and then return to Serbia and use their professional knowledge and experience.

He added that so far this project has been very successful, and about 60 students from Serbia were part of this program.