AHK Sommerfest – Summer Gathering

To mark the upcoming brief summer break, the German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce (AHK) brought together its members, partners and friends at the Vizantija raft-restaurant

AHK Sommerfest - Summer Gathering

More than 200 guests enjoyed live music, cocktails, a rich selection of food and the view of Kalemegdan Fortress during the annual event AHK Sommerfest, organised by the German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

President of AHK Serbia, Ronald Seeliger, welcomed the guests present, thanked the members for their support and announced a call for partnerships and sponsorship of the upcoming AHK Oktoberfest event.

It was followed by a small prize giveaway contest which was organised once again by the Chamber this year: accommodation for two adults and two children at Germany’s Europa Park, a gift from the German Tourist Organisation (DZT), which was won by Goga Vučković (Hemofarm Foundation), while the DAF Centre for the German Language donated two vouchers for German language courses to winners Nenad Ćirić (Construction Company Građevinar) and Maja Vidaković (CorD publisher alliance international media).