Exhibition “UNICEF: 70 Years in Serbia”

Serbian First Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ivica Dačić and UNICEF Director in Serbia Michel Saint-Lot officially opened a photo exhibition entitled “UNICEF: 70 Years in Serbia”, at the Museum of Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of the Republic of Serbia

The exhibition uses photographic images to show seven decades of the dedicated work of UNICEF in Serbia since 1947, when the first humanitarian aid shipments were sent to children and families in the former Yugoslavia, until the present day.

“Our many years of cooperation and partnership relations, developed through numerous successful initiatives over these 70 years, confirm the importance of the support that UNICEF still provides to the efforts of the Government of the Republic of Serbia today in its endeavour to secure a healthy and stimulating environment for the development, education and safe life of children and the full realisation of their rights in our country, in accordance with international instruments and the highest standards in the field of child rights,” said Deputy PM Ivica Dačić.

 “UNICEF has always been part of the history of this country. Since 1947 we have been helping in various ways – from providing humanitarian assistance to systemic support to the Government in reform processes. We have always worked together, in partnership, with the same goal – to reach every child who needs support. Commemorating the 70th anniversary of UNICEF’s work in Serbia is an opportunity to recall the promises we made to children, and to commit ourselves again to fulfilling them – that we will work to ensure that each child achieves its full potential,” said UNICEF’s Michel Saint-Lot.

photo: UNICEF Srbija/Schubacki