15th July: HeroicStory Of A Nation

Exhibition features 45 photographs of state news agency Anadolu

15th July: Heroic Story Of A Nation

The photo exhibition “15th July: Heroic Story of a Nation” has opened on Kalemegdan Fortress and features 45 photographs of state news agency Anadolu, with details of the last year’s attempted coup in Turkey.

H.E. Tanju Bilgiç, Turkish Ambassador to Serbia, said that the exhibition was arranged in remembrance of the 249 people killed on that occasion.

He said that, for Turkey, the support from Serbia at the time was significant, and that Turkey “will never forget its real friends”.

The ambassador presented to Serbian National Assembly Speaker Maja Gojković a plaque containing a piece of marble from the Turkish Parliament, which was bombed on 15th July last year.