Vesna Kukić Lončarić, JYSK Country Manager For Slovenia, Croatia, BiH And Serbia

Right Time To Expand

JYSK achieved its record turnover in the 2019/20 fiscal year, because many citizens invested in their homes. They spent money that they’d initially set aside for travels to buy new furniture for their gardens or balconies, while the fact that many are now working from home meant that they also invested in office furniture

According to research conducted in September 2020 for the Serbian market, most of JYSK’s customers are women and young families. Both women and men choose to shop in stores and online in equal numbers, while the most important thing for both sexes is that the offer meets all their needs.

JYSK has brought to Serbia an excellent offer, reliable quality, easy shopping and competent service. You promised that to customers and delivered. What’s next?

I see JYSK as the customer’s first choice primarily when it comes to products for sleeping, and then for living, regardless of the purchase method and place chosen. 

We at JYSK believe that the key to success lies precisely in the balance between online shopping, which is massively on the rise, particularly in this challenging year, and providing inspiring places to shop, where customers can always get high-quality service and advice. We see the Serbian market as having great potential, so our focus is still on expansion. There are many towns and cities where we want to be present and to open our stores, so we are actively seeking new, attractive locations. We also plan to renovate part of our existing stores into much more inspiring places for shopping in the Scandinavian style. With the employees that we have and the programmes that we apply to ensure their development, I am convinced that we will succeed.

Is it true that women prefer to buy in sales salons because they want to feel the fabric and texture of wood under their fingers, to assure themselves that they’ve found the right shade, while men prefer shopping online?

According to the latest research that we conducted for the Serbian market in September 2020, most of our customers are women and generally younger families. When it comes to choosing a purchase channel, we don’t see a gender-based difference, given that we strive to be flexible and to satisfy the needs of all customer profiles with the breadth of the options we offer.

Also confirming our flexibility is the innovation we are introducing with regard to online shopping. This is the option of OOPUS (order online pick up in store) purchasing with free delivery, which enables the customer to choose to have their online order delivered to a desired store without having to pay the cost of delivery.

JYSK has the highest level of recommendations and the highest loyalty index compared to competitors, which confirms that we are working well

It is interesting that when we asked about the top three characteristics that our customers would use to describe JYSK we received uniform answers regardless of gender, and those are affordable prices, a good offer and range, and product quality. And we are especially proud that JYSK has the highest level of recommendations and the highest loyalty index compared to competitors, which confirms that we are working great job.

JYSK Serbia has achieved great results for four consecutive years, but what will 2020 be like? What did you invest in the most – your product range, employee education, marketing or something else?

Despite many challenges, JYSK achieved its record turnover in the 2019/20 fiscal year. As is the case with most companies, the Coronavirus pandemic and efforts to deal with its consequences were the main focus during this year. Among other things, our increased turnover is a result of the decision of many customers to invest in their homes, because of the borders closing and many people having prepared to spend summer at home. This is precisely what gave us the opportunity to show what JYSK has to offer and the breadth of our range to even more customers.

Vesna Kukić Lončarić, Country Manager At JYSK For Slovenia, Croatia, BiH And Serbia

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