Everyone Is Important


SBB is a company that employs equals numbers of women and men. Although men remain dominant in top management positions, viewed as a whole it could be said that the United Group, within the scope of which SBB operates, represents a place where people can develop in a working environment that fosters equality, parity, and that offers women and men the same opportunities

For this special edition dedicated to gender equality, we spoke with SBB Sales Director Ksenija Bulatović, who has been with the company for 18 years. Ksenija spent a long time working in the field, which isn’t often a job that is receptive to a woman, but she fought to earn the respect of her colleagues. She is set to complete her MBA studies in May.

Our other contributor is Minja Jugović Janjić, SBB Marketing Director, who – together with Ksenija – is one of the four women holding top management positions at SBB. Minja studied in the UK and the U.S. and has amassed 17 years of experience in business. She has been shortlisted multiple times for the award for the most influential woman in communications aged under 40, and this year she was also nominated for the event of the year. She has two children and carries the great burden of leading SBB’s struggle with challenges on a market where this company fights with weapons of innovation and creativity.

Here are the stories of our interlocutors.

Minja Jugović Janjić, SBB Marketing Director

We’re Galloping Forward

Including the long reign of the Queen of England, I don’t think there’s a position that hasn’t been conquered by women today. The same goes for marketing. I’m acquainted with plenty of successful women who work in communications, while...

Ksenija Bulatović, SBB Sales Director

Combining Energies Is A Good Thing

Holding a senior management position and working in the field isn’t a burden, but it’s certainly a challenge. I would provide just one example: when I started working for this company, one of the main tasks was to sign...