Sanja Pešić, Alma Quattro CEO

OOH Media Offers The Purest Content

Alma Quattro has been considered among our country’s most successful companies for almost three decades. Its portfolio has such diversity that it enables both large and small companies to advertise, because Alma Quattro is able to tailor campaigns that vary depending on budget

Over the course of the 27 years that Sanja Pešić has been working at Alma Quattro, her attitude towards the job has changed in accordance with the way that her attitude towards life has also changed. She enjoys her work and is additionally motivated by the role of a coach, because she feels good by helping others.

Is Alma Quattro’s success a result of long-term planning, dedication, the improving of relations with clients or something else?

I believe that everything you mention is important for success, and that this is the recipe of the majority of successful companies. I would mention the fact that, alongside long-term engagements, shortterm action is also important, as is the ability to react to unforeseen circumstances, which we’ve all been able to experience during the last two years.

The world found itself completely unexpectedly confronted by a new challenge. This presented a growth opportunity for many branches, while others simultaneously faced a complete standstill. That was also the case with OOH [Out-of-Home] media. What we’ve learnt over the past two years is that OOH continues to function soon after each lockdown, without a preceding “warm up”.

Does the sheer breadth of your portfolio enable you to create the best possible campaign for every individual client?

A synergy of OOH and mobile advertising has proven to be a winning combination. While the first invites action with its attractive conceptual solutions, the second enables a deeper search – through online platforms, applications and social networks – for products and services featured in our advertising media. One attracts your attention and triggers, while the other is something that you carry in your pocket everywhere.

The increased growth of the OOH segment is a result of the excessive supply in other market segments, such as TV and digital, i.e., online

Is it true that OOH advertising has recorded higher growth than other market segments over the last three years? What does that say about the efficacy of your media and the habits and needs of consumers?

The efficacy of OOH media has not changed. I think that the increased growth of this segment is a result of the excessive supply in other market segments, such as TV and digital, i.e., online. Both consumers and advertisers are confused by dubious and deficient content, information overload, non-selectivity and numerous channels, platforms and applications. All this brings us back to the simplicity and accessibility of OOH, which has no other content and a situation that’s always clear.

Moreover, the consumers who see this media are predominantly the working population who are mobile and active outdoors during all seven days of the week, which increases the significance of our media.

Commitment is a word that runs through every story about Alma Quattro. To what extent does this word reflect your attitude towards work, life, family, friends etc.?

Over the course of the 27 years that I’ve been working at Alma Quattro, my attitude towards the job has changed in accordance with the way my attitude towards life has also changed. I’ll never forget the words of a friend of mine who is 30 years my senior and who told me that life is filled with idling and that every moment should be utilised and filled with things of value.

I draw energy from the new memories that I create, and those are memories of the new people I meet while scuba diving and during occasional canyoning excursions. These are special pleasures that fulfil me and leave me feeling capable of shifting all other boundaries. I’m additionally motivated by my role as a trainer and coach, because I feel good when helping others to find their own sources of energy and shift their focus from things that drain their energy to things that are really important and make life more beautiful and fulfilling.


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