Sanja Pešić, Alma Quattro CEO

Clients Seek Flexibility

Alma Quattro has amassed 26 years of successful operations on the market of outdoor advertising and street furniture. Part of a large international family that provides the company with training and technological and professional support, this fact is also very important – alongside dedication to the job – to ensuring Alma Quattro’s success.

In order for us to be able to plan for the future, it is important to know where we are now. Based on the results of 2020 to date, I would say that – as a company and as a team – we are in an extremely good place, and long may it stay that way, reveals Alma Quattro CEO Sanja Pešić with obvious pride.

How much have technologies, your portfolio, as well as customer demands and expectations, changed since the company’s first days?

We have a long period behind us. Even 2020, with all of its challenges and obstacles, was successful. It was those 26 years of experience that saved us during this challenging year, which wasn’t even our most difficult year since the start of operations. After the initial closing and a break in doing business, we returned in a big way. If we consider that women function best when things are at their most difficult, under extraordinary circumstances, both in their private lives and at work, then it’s no surprise that my team, which is dominated by women, performed wonderfully. That is actually where our power lies… in the fact that we manage well in difficult situations.

Clients expect flexibility in business and adaptation to their needs, and our resources enable us to achieve that. With a network of media in all major cities in Serbia and diverse offers, we are able to offer each client what they require to meet their needs for a high quality campaign.

Can modern technological achievements and trends bring success themselves, even without the professional and dedicated people with whom you work?

Legend has it that the heroes are recognised during times of trouble, and I believe that all our employees are heroes of this story. The people who’ve brought us success throughout all these years are actually those who complete the work. That was also the slogan of our campaign last year commemorating 25 years of our work and this motto continues today – people who finish the job. They are always ready to improve, to follow technological achievements, and they’re ready to apply them.

We learn more about work, people and opportunities in crisis situations than in times when everything runs like clockwork

As a director, I have great confidence in the expertise, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of our team. These are people who are accustomed to reacting quickly, who are familiar with the business and the market, attached to the company and feel that they belong in a system that has high quality because they are conscious of their contribution to that quality. I don’t believe in micro-managing. I consider that every member of the team has the freedom to make decisions within the scope of their competences, and also has the responsibility to make those decisions.

You have been with the company since the very beginning, along with the majority of employees. Is that the secret to your company’s success?

Having a dedicated team of people who view the company as their home has proven to be the best ingredient of the formula for success. During all these years, and the crises we’ve gone through together, of which there were many, we learned to be pillars of support for one another. Having grown accustomed to working in difficult conditions, we’ve mastered the skills that have also sustained us throughout the years. We have learnt patience, because we are aware that every crisis must ultimately end and that we must learn more about work, people and opportunities in crisis circumstances than in times when everything runs like clockwork.

The circumstances under which we currently operate serve to warn us that the most important thing is to preserve people, their physical and mental health; that the world as we know it is a fragile place and that things we often cannot see with the naked eye, such as viruses, can cause great disturbances in our lives.

Sanja Pešić, Alma Quattro CEO

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Sanja Pešić, Alma Quattro CEO

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