Dedicated To Fostering Female Leadership


Striving for more gender diversity is a key element in Henkel’s holistic diversity strategy, which includes further dimensions such as internationalism and ethnicity, sexual orientation, disabilities and different generations working together

At Henkel in Serbia, women leaders are involved in a range of areas. Henkel Serbia female leaders present here the development of their careers

Gordana Brašić, Head Of Human Resources, Henkel

Grateful To My Colleagues For Their Team Spirit

I am pleased to have the opportunity to share key moments in my career development in the company of female colleagues in management positions, and I think that this edition is an excellent inspiration for empowering all those who...

Jelena Gavrilović Šarenac, Head Of Corporate Communications Henkel

Open Discussion Gives The Best Solutions

I have been building my career in marketing and communications for more than two decades. I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues from all countries in our region. Every day we create projects...

Milica Šljivančanin, Marketing Manager Henkel Consumer Brands

The Future Of Marketing Is In Good Hands

I ’ve always looked for positions that allow me to express my creativity. I started my career at Henkel in the corporate communications department, and then my path led me to marketing. I am grateful for the opportunity to...

Danijela Micanović, Material Management Manager, Henkel Kruševac

Looking Back, We Can See That We Have Grown And Improved

I started my professional career in development, then in marketing, and in the supply chain in materials management. Our factory grew into one of the largest production facilities in the Henkel Group, so it was challenging and stimulating to...

Aleksandra Janjić, Controlling Mgr A Cluster ADH South&Central

It Is A Joy To Learn, Grow And Develop With The Team

In my 17 years at Henkel, I have spent most of my time in the controlling department, and currently I have a dual responsibility: as a sub-regional controlling manager of the Adhesive Technologies business unit for Central and Southern...

Marija Blagojević, Head Of Business Planning Europe

Solving Challenges Brings New Knowledge

For success in my job you need exceptional communication skills, because we are the link between Operations and Supply Chain on the one hand and Sales and Marketing on the other. By solving challenging and varied situations, we gain...

Sandra Simić, Head Of Legal Affairs, Henkel Srbija

For A Strong Team There Is No Insoluble Issue

When I graduated from the Faculty of Law, I did not think about a corporation. I worked in the state administration and in a lawyer’s office, and then I came to Henkel. I thought about whether to even apply,...

Ivana Životić, Head Of Marketing ACB Serbia & Export

It Is Important To Share The Same Values With Colleagues

Running the marketing department of a construction brand that is perceived as ‘masculine’ opens up space for prejudices that have made me even tougher and more determined. Leadership in the construction industry, which is characterised by change and unpredictability,...

Ivana Lazarević, Digital & E-commerce Manager HCB

It Is Useful To Have The Big Picture Of A Business

I can freely say that I grew up with Henkel. My development path was colourful, so in the 15 years. I have gained enviable experience in both marketing and sales. An important milestone in my development was going abroad...

Jelena Martić, Henkel Adhesives Technologies

A Positive Mindset Is The Key Team Enabler

I was happy enough, to have extremely inspirational supervisors and colleagues beside me throughout my career. They taught me well. Roles and positions come as consequence of continuous disruption of ourselves, over and over again. Without their trust in...

Ivana Matejić, Quality And Hygiene Manager, Henkel

The Goal Is Satisfied Customers And Consumers

I started my career at Henkel in 2004 as a researcher in the R&D sector. For two and a half years I also worked in the R&D CEE group in Vienna. I continued my career in the SHE (Safety,...

Lucija Vesić, Head Of Finance Controlling

A Good Manager Supports Workers

Working on yourself, improving your knowledge, acquiring new skills and innovative practices are the best investments that always yield returns many times over. There is no job or task that you can’t overcome when you’re surrounded by the right...

Jelena Bukumirović, Quality Manager, EE South Ceresit Plants

Dedicated People Are The Strongest Driving Force

I started my career in a chemical industry factory, and the first independent industrial projects brought me incredible experience in getting to know the entire production process. When I asked myself what each project has in common, the answer...