Women Will Have an Ever-greater influence

Banca intesa

Banca Intesa, as one of the most successful banks on the Serbian market, has always been a place where top experts in various fields have worked and created together, a community that possesses an abundance of talent and potential, and an environment in which the ideal synergy of youth and experience naturally emerges

Here to discuss what it’s like to be part of a system dedicated to the constant empowerment of women through various programmes and initiatives, but also to improving the leadership skills of all female colleagues, are Dragica Mihajlović, Zorana Branković and Sandra Lazarević, who occupy three of the 52% of managerial positions held by women at Banca Intesa.

Dragica Mihajlović, Banca Intesa, Chief Financial Officer

Ready for a New Generation of Leaders

Every step of my career has had its own purpose and its own challenges, but I’ve always been supported and enriched in that process by valuable mentoring. At the same time, being a witness to and participant in the large...

Zorana Branković, Banca Intesa, Chief Operating Officer

Bank Tailored To Clients

As a bank that’s guided by the needs of clients in all aspects of its operations, Banca Intesa works continuously, through the implementation of strategic plans, to create a bank tailored to suit their needs. Testifying to this are all...

Sandra Lazarević, Banca Intesa, Head of PR and Marketing Communications

Better for Ourselves and Clients

In the case of Banca Intesa, brand awareness and recognition have long been achieved, while our goal at any given moment is maintaining an honest and almost personable relationship with the client, which is based on trust and values...