Everyone Has Their Own Pathway

Alma Quattro

The women of Alma Quattro are happy to have received the opportunity to use their own view of success to inspire younger ladies who’ve just embarked on their own journey to success. They tell them that they shouldn’t be merely impressed by anything, but rather inspired and motivated to create success according to their own measure

Either lead me, follow me, or get out of my way – this is the best description of the women of today and the challenges they face on career paths that they’ve chosen or that have, seemingly by chance, been imposed on them. Women will always follow those who show, with their integrity and results, that they are worthy of being followed. In the same vein, if results are lacking and a woman feels that no progress is being achieved, either personally, or professionally, she will take matters into her own hands and become an exemplary leader.

Although some women have already taken similar paths, their experiences can prove useful to us as a guiding star as we climb the ladder of personal success, but the advice that we receive on that journey is an extremely fragile gift and it should be received with due care, but also with caution and reservation, because our individual experience of success and progress is individually tailored to us and there is no universal recipe that can be applied by everyone.

Sanja Pešić, CEO, Alma Quattro

Success Is Achieved Through Team Support

While each of us walks the path of our own business and life development, there is point at which those paths cross and we head towards some common goal together, each of us with our strengths, experiences, knowhow and...

Bojana Novaković, Sales Director, Alma Quattro

The Future Works For Women

Regardless of gender, all leaders possess similar characteristics that promote them being recognised for that characteristic within social groups When it comes to women, daily experience, and even scientific research, actually shows that women are specific in that they influence...

Sandra Dejanović, Executive Sales Director, Alma Quattro

First One Learns From Mistakes, And Then From...

When you work in an industry like advertising, which is developing and changing permanently, and where every year brings something new and interesting, but also demanding, completing college is just the first step, in essential knowledge and breadth, to...

Gordana Jovanović, Director Of Administrative Affairs, Alma Quattro

People Represent The Most Valuable Resource

The concept of a life balance represents an appropriate designating of priorities between work (career and ambitions) and private life (health, rest, desires, family and personal development). Finding an equilibrium isn’t always easy, but companies that are able to...