Aleksandar Ignjatović, Executive Principal, Chartwell International School

Happy Students Are The Best Reference

Encouragement and motivation are keywords in the teaching philosophy at Chartwell. When they leave the “Chartwell world”, students are equipped to meet the challenges they will face in a rapidly globalising and competitive world

Cambridge University and the Serbian Ministry of Education have accredited Chartwell as an international school and examination centre. Does this mean that your teaching curriculum is based on the British national curriculum?


– The school’s programme is the Cambridge International Education Programme, based on the British National curriculum, the keywords of which are the balance between skills and knowledge, creativity, community engagement and environmental awareness. All classes are taught in English, which is the official language of the school. In order to enhance the academic process, in accordance with the British National Curriculum and best practices of other global curricula, Chartwell offers extra-curricular activities to provide and all-encompassing education.

When our students leave Chartwell, they do so with excellent academic rankings and qualifications that are recognised and valued by prestigious Universities worldwide. Likewise, Chartwell International School is also a member of COBIS and ECIS.

Is the nurturing of specificity and the respecting of individuality the future of education?

– Each student is a unique individual, different in cognitive and affective development, social maturity, ability, motivation, aspiration, learning styles, needs, interests and potential. The future of education lies in the realisation of this fact and the fact that education encompasses much more than the academic programme. Although schools tend to group students according to age, class sizes should be optimised so that the academic programme can be tailored to suit the needs of every student, thus ensuring that each and every one of them is challenged just enough to develop in accordance with their respective abilities.


An emphasis should also be placed on extracurricular activities, which should be offered on a daily basis and should range from sports to languages, drama and more. Students should be involved in the life of the local community through humanitarian work and visits to exhibitions, theatres etc.

The essential task of a school should be to teach the child to learn, to seek independently and find the knowledge and skills they need in all of life’s situations. To do this, the child must develop a love of learning and an enthusiasm for enquiry that spills over from school into all aspects of life.

The Knowledge Review magazine has ranked you among the 10 best international schools in Central Europe. Is this the best reference for parents who are considering where to enrol their child?

– Although it is an excellent reference that we are extremely proud of, and it can certainly assist parents in their decision when it comes to choosing the right school for their children, there is a much more important reference. That is the smiles on our students’ faces when they come to school in the morning and leave in the afternoon. Happy children, children who feel loved, cared for and secure, are children who can develop academically, and this is what Chartwell students are.

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