Municipality Of Kučevo

Address: Svetog Save 76, Kučevo
Tel: +381 12 852 141
E-mail: [email protected]

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Vladimir Stojanović, President of the Municipality of Kučevo

We’re Reopening Factories

In the past period, The Municipality of Kučevo launched a series of activities in previous period in order to create a favourable business environment...

Vladimir Stojanović, President of the Municipality of Kučevo

Swifter Diagnosis and Treatment

The Kučevo Health Centre has received an ultrasound machine, an analogue mammogram screener and a device for digitalising X-ray images. This new medical equipment,...

Novica Janošević, President Of The Municipality Of Kučevo

We Expect Better Efficiency And Transparency

We are now introducing e-Government, connecting to the e-Zup system and, as of March 2018, we expect to fully apply e-Government in Kučevo

Novica Janošević, President Of Kučevo Municipality

Hidden Treasures of Homolje

The municipality of Kučevo is located in Northeast Serbia and belongs to the Braničevo District. It occupies the lower part of the River Pek...