City Of Novi Sad

Mayor: Milan Đurić

Novi Sad is a city in northern Serbia on the banks of the Danube River. Standing atop a riverside bluff, much of Petrovaradin Fortress dates to the 17th and 18th centuries, with an iconic clock tower and a network of tunnels. Novi Sad covers 702.7 km² and has a population of 289,128 inhabitants (2016).

Address: Trg slobode 1, Novi Sad
Tel: +381 11 21 420 066

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Milan Radulović Awarded French Order of Arts and Letters

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French Embassy Celebrates “Eco-Municipality” Winners

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Digital Enterprise Training Lab Opens in Novi Sad’s Science and Technology Park

Novi Sad's Science and Technology Park has unveiled its DEAL Lab - the Digital Enterprise – An Active Learning and Training Lab. This first-of-its-kind...

Žolt Lazar, Doctor Of Sociological Sciences And Master Of Political Sciences

Serbian Society Can Transform Sustainably

I remain moderately optimistic despite this, and consider Serbian society as also having the capacity to make a sustainable transformation, especially if citizens manage...