City Of Kraljevo

Mayor: Predrag Terzić

Kraljevo is a city in central Serbia and the administrative centre of the Raška District in central Serbia. It is situated on the confluence of West Morava and Ibar, in the geographical region of Šumadija, between the mountains of Kotlenik in the north, and Stolovi in the south. Kraljevo is covering 1,530 km² and has a population of 67,142 (2016).

Address: Trg Jovana Sarića 1, Kraljevo
Tel: +381 36 306 000

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Dr Predrag Terzić, Mayor of the City of Kraljevo

Our Industrial Revival Has Begun

The arrival of large investors in Kraljevo contributes not only to employment, but also to building infrastructure, and in this sense special importance belongs...

Morava Airport to become Serbia’s third international airport

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Zorana Mihajlović signed the Agreement on the non-monetary contribution of the Republic of Serbia...

Start of construction works of the new Leoni plant in Kraljevo

Up to 5000 new jobs by 2023 Leoni plant, the first new built plant in approximately 30 years in Kraljevo Leoni continues to...

Dr Predrag Terzić, Mayor Of Kraljevo

GIS In The Service Of Tax Administration

The Geographic Information System in Kraljevo has been applied for four years. Significant steps have been taken to date in the development of web-based...

Tomislav Ilić, Mayor Of Kraljevo

Ample Capacity For Development and Investments

The current economic situation in Kraljevo is exceptionally difficult and is actually the result of the failed privatisations of companies Magnohrom, Fabrika Vagona and...