“Psychoanalyst meets Marina Abramovic” Book Promotion at the Swiss Embassy

Marina Abramovic and Jeannette Fischer

On the occasion of the launch of the Serbian translation of the book “Psychoanalyst meets Marina Abramovic” by Jeannette Fischer, the Ambassador of Switzerland to Serbia H.E. Philippe Guex hosted a reception at the Swiss Residence.

The event was attended by Marina Abramovic, who is visiting Belgrade for the opening of her acclaimed exhibition “The Cleaner”.

About the book “Psychoanalyst meets Marina Abramovic”

In summer 2015, famous performance artist Marina Abramovic and psychanalyst Jeannette Fischer spent four days together at Abramovic’s house in the Hudson Valley. Associating freely, they took a psychoanalytical perspective for a lengthy exploration of Abramovic’s biography and art and their interrelation.

​Abramovic went into this discussion in hopes of reaching a better understanding of herself, her personality, and her work. Conversations with artists are widely available, she notes, but a chance to use psychoanalysis to put an artist’s life and work in context is much rarer. The resulting book is neither a therapist’s report nor a Fischer’s analysis of Abramovic. Rather, it is a search for understanding conducted by the pair, looking for the structures and dynamics that underlie Abramovic’s life and art. The dialogues are presented along with Fischer’s comments on them and images of some of Abramovic’s performances that are referred to in the discussion.