Kimono and the Colors of Japan

Katsumi Yumioka

This distinctive volume reveals a unique antique kimono collection through various delicate Japanese colours and their use in kimono.

The Japanese sensibility is immediately apparent in the classification of the nine traditional colour categories of red, green, pink, blue, brown, purple, yellow, black/white, and gold/silver. Each spread presents a single colour showing a page-wide photo of a kimono accompanied by a description of the colour and its meaning in the context of Japanese culture.

The author explains, “We organised the kimono and obi (sash) according to what I like to call ‘Japanese Kokoro no Iro’, colours of the Japanese heart. Each category presents what individual colours express or signify. For example, we use white, black and gold as an expression of cheer. Red indicates the sun, blood, and fire. White, black, and silver express sadness.”

With the knowledge of both Western and traditional Japanese fashion cultures, Yumioka presents and describes his collection in an easily accessible style. 

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