An Exciting Combination

Lisbon has all the ingredients needed to become Europe’s next red-hot art destination: new galleries are opening there, international dealers are setting up outposts, and dozens of artists are flocking there for its affordable housing and studio rents. The city, which boasts a refreshing mix of commercial and non-profit spaces, also has a contemporary art fair, ARCOlisboa

Individual Vision of Tradition

Vietnamese art reflects a mixture of influences: Vietnamese traditional art, influences from China and influence from the French during the colonial period. Just over a decade ago Vietnam opened up to the world. The international art market started to see the talents of Vietnamese artists and the variety of styles in Vietnamese paintings. Demand for Vietnamese art is increasing rapidly, especially in France and other countries in Europe

Storytelling Pictures

Australian Aboriginal Art has been identified as the most exciting contemporary art form of the 20th Century

Beautiful Greek Taverna Chair

America has fast food chains. Greece has tavernas. While both offer inexpensive food (or, in the case of fast food chains, food-like substances), their operational philosophy could not be more different

Innovative, Vibrant & Thriving Artism

Innovative, vibrant and thriving are the words that could describe Mexican art. From pre-Columbian times through today, the art of Mexico makes quite an...

Light Art: The Beauty Of Illumination

Light Art is a relatively new but increasingly independent form of art. Quite diverse and imaginative, it sees artists create installations and experiment with light, sound, space and motion. Many light art festivals now illuminate cities and towns across the globe, with these spectacular events often promoting energy efficiency or being connected to a city’s heritage

Internationally Renowned Italian Street Artists

From Roman times to the present day, Italy has played a large role in the international art market. The Biennale dell’Arte di Venezia, or the Venice Biennale, was the first international art exhibition to promote Contemporary Art. Founded in 1895, the fair takes place every two years

Art Explosion

Recent years have seen a boom in Russia’s contemporary art scene. In addition to renowned art institutions such as The Moscow Museum of Modern Art, the Multimedia Art Museum or the Tretyakov Gallery, a contemporary art explosion is sweeping an entire country; with art galleries and workshops opening, street art moving into the spotlights and festivals like Moscow’s Biennale of Contemporary Art showcasing works by today’s finest artists, while Russian artists are showcased in an increasing number of institutions and exhibition spaces all around the world

Glass Art: Art Without Limits

There’s no doubt that stained-glass practises created the first significant glass artworks, with stained glass makers paving the way for the emergence of different glass techniques and styles. Most commonly associated with medieval cathedrals and 19th Century stained glass makers, this technique has been used for different expressions since the beginning of the 20th Century, while these expressions and practises have introduced glass art to the world of fine and modern art

Because Painting Is Beautiful

Argentine culture is as captivating and unique as it is diverse and varied. Influenced by colonial Europe, with strong Spanish and Italian undertones, this hot fusion can be found in different areas, from film, music and dance, to architecture, art and even sport.

Modern-Day Conquest of the Contemporary Art World

It does not come as a surprise to anyone that Spain has an extraordinary art heritage, with masters such as Diego Velazquez and Francisco Goya hailing from the country. But Spain doesn’t have to be too attached to its past when it comes to art, as it also has many contemporary achievements: its new centres, galleries and museums for contemporary art are praised as being some of the best in the world. Here we explore three of these fantastic art venues, in Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona

Contemporary Art Of Mongolia

Mongolian art is as rich and colourful as its nature, and as complex as its history

Old art in a digital era

Oracle-bone inscriptions

Modest Yet Impressive

Africa has undergone what the global art world has described as an “art boom” over the last few years. This has led to international interest in contemporary African art, shifting the focus away from naive art and collected ancient artefacts, and has generated enough interest to see the emergence of institutions like Cape Town’s Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa

High Ambition Connected with Quality

Norway’s art scene boomed in the 19th century with the introduction of landscape artists such as Johan Christian Dahl and Johannes Flintoe. Since then, it has seen an increase in local Impressionist, Realist, and Modernist artists, after a long history of importing rather than creating artworks. Today, Norway is proud to have bred many internationally recognised artists, from printmakers to sculptors to jewellers

Everything I Painted Relates to My Life

Slovenian painter Metka Krašovec, who passed away in April, was unique for several reasons. She was as fearlessly sincere as only a woman can be, while her sensibility manifested through fantastical images, creatures, landscapes and atmospheres – All of her famous red paintings from the 1970s, via the eruption of enigmatic and witty drawings from the ‘80s, to the angelic creatures in timeless landscapes that she has painted from the ‘90s onwards

Emerging Artists Worth Following In 2018

Among the more important lessons art world learned in 2017: An emerging artist’s career isn’t cemented in one night, with one breakout show, or with one collector’s token of approval. Artists who matter long-term have careers that build over time

David Hockney The Fastest-Selling Exhibition In Tate History

David Hockney, one of the most popular and influential British artists of the twentieth century returns to Tate Britain for his most comprehensive exhibition yet