Culture Calendar

September 2017

Night Of Music 2017

1 –Tašmajdan Stadium – 20.30

The Night of Music has become a tradition of Belgrade and a new symbol of summer. The First Night of Music brought together 15,000 people who enjoyed the magic of music under a star-studded sky, and that was followed by an award – we were declared the biggest cultural spectacle of the year and thus won our place under the Belgrade sky.

And that’s why we have to repeat this spectacle this year, together with you! This year on 1st September, starting at 8:30pm, at Tašmajdan Stadium, the second annual Night of Music will be held! Our star performers this year will be the RTS Symphony Orchestra and the RTS Choir, under the guidance of maestro Bojan Suđić. They will lead us on a musical journey around the world, which will see us visit as many as 20 countries through different pieces of music.

The special guests of the Kolibri Choir will transport some back to their childhood, while creating wonderful memories for others.

The magic of this night also has some surprises, but be patient and follow us, because the most beautiful night of the year is ahead of us. Just like last year, the concert is completely free of charge for all visitors!

Come along and bring your friends, grandmothers, mothers, fathers, sweethearts; come so we can again show that Belgrade is the world and that Belgrade knows how to listen when something is really worthy of its attention.

Small Stories: David Lynch Photo Exhibition

1 – Cultural Centre Of Belgrade – 20.00

While the world enjoys the latest series of the cult TV serial Twin Peaks and is again honouring the work of David Lynch, the Cultural Centre of Belgrade has decided to dedicate one of the key programmes in the year of its 60th anniversary to this exceptional creator, not only of film, but also of fine/visual art. The exhibition, which runs from 1st to 30th September, comprises 56 black & white large format photographs with all the characteristics of Lynch’s films: a wonderful interweaving of references to reality and phantasmagoric interventions and compositions.

This exceptional and consistently devised exhibition provides an insight into Lynch’s visual creativity, which, unlike his cinematic opus, the Serbian public has not previously had the opportunity to familiarise itself with. The Small Stories exhibition, produced by Paris’s Item Editions gallery and the European House of Photography, where the exhibition premiered in 2014, will, in accordance with the wish of the author, be shown exclusively in the three gallery spaces of the Cultural Centre of Belgrade. The exhibition will be accompanied by numerous ancillary programmes: lectures, thematic tours by experts and creators from different fields, educational and creative workshops for high school pupils and younger children and, of course, a film programme.

Radomir Stančić: Risk & Adventure

7-30 – Goethe-Institut – 19.30

According to the artist’s own words, the basic component of his work is to react to the first “raw” idea and to remain faithful to it in realisation – and that is a risk. This means that his studio is his head – the artist conceives the work, collects what he needs, and doesn’t try it anywhere in advance. So his exhibition is also a surprise for him. And the risk is simultaneously an adventure – in some works the artist trod barefoot on broken glass, rode a horse at a gallop, and so on. At the Goethe-Instutut will be exhibited his white “Kvadrat/krst” [Square/cross] (1989), with a segment of the multiplying of the same work, which is simultaneously placed in the space in multiple variations. The wall and floor are also integral parts of the work. The work relates to Russian painter Kazimir Malevich.

Belgrade Of Light

10 – Tašmajdan Stadium – 20.30

This exhibition of works by two prominent artists, Vollrad Kutcher and Predrag Caranović, entitled “Illusions”, will usher in this year’s week dedicated to the culture of light as part of the 2017 Belgrade of Light festival. German artist Vollrad Kutcher, easily recognisable for his out-of-theordinary artistic sensibility and works in which a repeating theme is the mutual relationship between images and imagination, will introduce himself with “Shining Role Models”. Serbian artist Predrag Caranović, a master of illusion, light and darkness, will show his “Still Life” sculpture, which was especially conceived for this exhibition.

From a creative, educational and scientific perspective, the “Shimmering” programme, designed for children and young people, will this year delve, in particular, into experiments with visual effects and projections, as well as exploration of the phenomenon of persistency of sight and optical illusions.

In view of the upcoming UNESCO proclamation of the International Day of light, the Belgrade of Light festival will focus specifically on establishing the organisational core of the National Committee of Serbia for celebrations of the International Day of Light.

Red Snapper

16 – Belgrade Youth Centre – 21.00

After a sensational first concert performance at the 2009 Belgrade Jazz Festival, when the Belgrade Youth Centre’s Americana Hall proved too small to accommodate everyone who was interested, English dance jazzfunk group Red Snapper returns to celebrate with us the 20th anniversary of its masterpiece – the album “Prince Blimey” – which changed world music trends in 1996.

With their debut albums in the mid-90s, music was changed by great groups like Massive Attack, Portishead, Tricky, Bjork, and The Prodigy, who set new boundaries for the fusion of electronic dance music with rock. Part of the revolution at that time was Red Snapper, whose debut album, “Prince Blimey”, inspired many groups around the world, including our most popular underground jazz compositions, such as Fish in Oil or Teleport!

The latest project – “Hyena” (2014, Lo Recordings) – has enjoyed great critical reviews for its uncompromising nature, while the band continues to record and perform worldwide tirelessly for a faithful audience that knows what good club entertainment is, with fans dispersed from Japan, through Eastern Europe to South America! In the last year the group has been on a successful world tour, performing tracks from its most famous album, “Prince Blimey”, at the request of many fans worldwide.


17 – Kombank Arena – 20.00

Following sell-out concerts in North America, Europe, South America and Mexico, Sting is arriving in Serbia as part of his latest 57th & 9th World Tour. This world-renowned artist will perform at the Belgrade Kombank Arena on 17th September. Sting is joined on this latest tour by a three-man band comprising his long-time collaborating guitarist Dominic Miller, Josh Freese (drums) and Rufus Miller (guitar), as well as special guest Joe Sumner and accordionist Percy Cardon from The Last Bandoleros.

The guitar-led 57th & 9th World Tour began in North America in February this year and has so far visited more than 50 cities in Europe, Central and South America and Asia. The tour has enjoyed exceptional comments from fans and critics alike.

Pierre Gonnord Photo Exhibition

21 – Instituto Cervantes – 19.00

The portraits of Pierre Gonnord carefully and impressively represent the dignity of the human being and invite us to recognise ourselves in them. The balance achieved between the individual and collective is one of the factors that define this artist’s work. The characters in his works belong to social groups and communities from Spain and its border regions, without losing their essence, their ability to represent themselves and to watch us through the lens of the camera. In this case, the featured portraits are of women and men who work deep underground in a mine in Asturias.

A self-taught photographer, Gonnord exhibited his works in Spain and also abroad. The opening of the exhibition will be attended by its curator, Carmen Fernández Ortiz.

51st BITEF

22-30 – Various Locations

This year’s 51st BITEF – Belgrade International Theatre Festival – will take place across the city from 22nd to 30th September, under the slogan “Epic Trip”.

During the nine days of the festival, Belgrade will become the capital of world theatre, with the plays that audiences will be able to see within the selection of the main programme at this year’s festival coming from Belgium, the UK, Slovenia, Iran, Germany, Switzerland and Serbia.

The play “Mount Olympus – To glorify the cult of tragedy”, a 24-hour performance authored by celebrated Belgian director Jan Fabre, will officially opening this year’s Bitef on 23rd September at the Sava Centre at 6pm. This scenic spectacle, which lasts for 24 hours and which some critics have declared the most significant performance of the last few decades, is based on Greek mythology in its entirety, processed into its epics and tragedies.

As is the case every year, a rich accompanying programme will include discussion with authors, the Showcase section, Bitef Polyphony, Bitef Library, panels and many “after ten” parties.


European Day Of Languages 2017

26 – Various Locations – 12:00-22:00

Every 26th September sees the European Day of Languages celebrated in all areas of Europe. The commemorating of the European Day of Languages in Serbia is organised by EUNIC Serbia (the network of European culture centres that are present or represented in Serbia): nine countries, eight languages and 16 organisations will be at the centre of events this time!

We highlight in particular the event to take place from 12pm to 3pm: Discovering European languages and culture. Opening their doors in Knez Mihailova Street will be Goethe-Institut Belgrade, Instituto Cervantes de Belgrado and the French Institute in Serbia.

4pm – 10pm: European languages through music and art.

Free concert intended for all visitors, held in the music pavilion of Kalemegdan Fortress Park.

Lezginka Ensemble

29 – Sava Centre – 20.00

The Lezginka State Academic Dance Ensemble from Dagestan was founded in 1958, and since 1993 its director has been Russian Federation Government Prize Laureate and Honoured Cultural Worker Djambulat Magomedov. He preserved the multinational composition of the ensemble, in which the beauty of Dagestan dance is endowed with 33 nationalities of Dagestan and the North Caucasus, as well as autochthonous Russians from Dagestan, making it unique in the world.

The ensemble has performed in 65 countries around the world, winning the title of Victor at the 48th World Folklore Festival for Professional Ensembles. This ensemble’s repertoire includes over 100 folk dances from Dagestan, the Caucasus and Russia. In 2001, the ensemble received a plaque from Russian President Vladimir Putin for its contribution to the development of the art of choreography.

The Lezginka ensemble has performed more than 70 concerts in Australia, New Zealand, the U.S., Italy, Spain, France, Bulgaria, Libya and elsewhere. In 2014, the ensemble took part in the formal ceremonies of the Sochi Winter Olympics. The ensemble is to perform in Belgrade for the first time ever, on 29th September at 8pm, in the Great Hall of the Sava Centre.

Researchers’ Night 2017

29 – Various Locations

European Researchers’ Night is held annually throughout Europe and its neighbouring countries on the last Friday in September. This year’s Researchers’ Night will be take place in over 300 cities on Friday 29th September.

European Researchers’ Night is an event dedicated to popularising science and learning through entertainment. This is a unique opportunity to meet researchers, converse with them and discover what they really do for society, in an interactive way. A large number of experiments, popular science lectures, children’s activities, visits to research laboratories, scientific quizzes, games and competitions with researchers are among the contents awaiting visitors on the night itself.

The Institute for Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering (IMGGI) and the Faculty of Physical Chemistry are jointly organising Researchers’ Night for the 6th time. Mark the date 29th September in your dairies, because this year’s programme includes the now traditional Treasure Hunt, but also a novelty entitled Open Laboratory.