Miroslav Vraneš, Dell Technologies, Account Executive

IT Represents The Foundation Of All Economic Branches, Including Medicine

The current year differs completely from all previous years, in terms of being challenging, demanding and unpredictable. Clients are demanding the fast and efficient transformation of their own operations, and Dell EMC – as a technology leader and one of the world’s largest companies – helps with digital transformation in order to adapt operations to the new situation as easily as possible. We are witnessing the great responsibility and high level of awareness of our users, as well as a swift change of priorities in the implementation of projects adapted to existing challenges

All praise for active work and quick adjustment should go to the Serbian Government’s Office for IT, which “launches” online services for the simpler, faster and safer functioning of various economic processes on a weekly basis.

How can the positive aspects of work from home be preserved even when the threat of the pandemic abates?

dell logo– Dell Technology switched to fully working from home about ten days before the state of emergency was declared. “Workforce Transformation”, as one of the biggest initiatives of our company, enabled us to instantly switch to adapting to work in a virtual office.

The pandemic merely accelerated the transformation of human resources and showed us the direction in which we need to develop further and what to strive towards. There are numerous advantages of working from home, while no time is lost travelling to and from work, going to meetings, etc. On the other hand, it brings great personal responsibility, with employees unable to “relax” too much in their daily responsibilities, given that they are working from their “safe” locations, i.e. from their homes.

Technology is completely ready to move the virtual environment closer to the real one, though some human adaptation and changes in habits are also required. In one virtual panel discussion, with dozens of people present, it can happen that only a few individuals “share” audio and video content and participate in the actual conversation, while for others you’re aware of whether they are even actaully present, whether they are listening to you and whether they contribute to the discussion in any way. Naturally, in a real “face to face” environment that looks completely different.

By using virtual communication channels we gain additional opportunities in the form of fast exchanges of digital materials, recording contents, easier follow-up, easy searches and returning to a desired part. Likewise, it is much easier for all participants to stay on topic

Which new channels of communication did companies establish during the COVID-19 pandemic and to what extent did those channels impact on traditional business models?

– We use all communication channels and platforms that are already generally accepted, such as Zoom, Teams and Skype, for daily communication, both internal between employees and for external communication with our partners and users. They are very easy to use and exchange all digital materials. On the other hand, the number of “virtual” meetings has increased significantly, which requires better personal organization of time and priorities.

The owners of your company, Michael and Susan Dell, donated more than $100 million for the struggle against COVID-19?

– That’s right… Through their foundation, the Dells invested large sums of money for the testing and development of a medicine for COVID-19. Being a technology leader also requires corporate social responsibility. IT has entered all aspects of all branches of the economy, including medicine, so in this respect IT will only serve to accelerate the inventing of a medicine or vaccine.

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