Fresh Summer Spread Straight From The Gardens Of Local Producers

Know Who You’re Buying Your Foods From

Fresh fruit and vegetables are an integral part of every spread on the table during hot summer days. Although it is advisable – due to your body’s needs – to increase your consumption of fruit and vegetables during summer, you should be cautious when buying such products and carefully check the source of the foods you buy, because you can’t always be sure that the fruits and vegetables on offer meet all quality standards

With the precise goal of enabling all customers to base their nutritional intake on the best quality foods – with proven origin and cultivation under strictly controlled conditions, Maxi supermarkets have been gathering together the best local producers from different parts of Serbia for years. The Filipović family from Boljevac, the Nestorović brothers from Preljina, Čarnić from Begeč, Rajković from Dobrinci, Batoćanin from Trstenik – these are just some of the families with many years of experience in the cultivation of fruits and vegetables whose products can be found in all of Maxi’s retail units.

The benefits of food that comes directly from the gardens of local producers to your plate lie in the fact that local products and cultivation processes are controlled from the very beginning to the final stage – harvesting and distribution

Best testifying to the significance of local food producers is the fact that this issue is recognised globally as being extremely important to general health. One world statistic is that food in the United States travels an average of 2,000- 2,500km from point of origin to point of sale. That same statistic is certainly less alarming in Serbia than in the U.S., and with the precise intention of offering customers the freshest fruits and vegetables – straight from the garden, Maxi supermarkets have developed a network of local producers, in order to improve the quality of everyday nutrition and offer proven quality as the only choice. The benefits of food that comes directly from the gardens of local producers to your plate lie in the fact that local products and cultivation processes are controlled from the very beginning to the final stage – harvesting and distribution.

If you want to be sure about the quality of your nutrition this summer, you must know who you are buying from. Thus, Maxi’s apples, plums and cabbages come from the estate of Nestorović family, carrots are sourced from Marko Čarnić, while Bosko Rajković produces cherry tomatoes of proven quality. Marko Batoćanin has for years produced, along with his family, the best quality lettuce on his estate in the Trstenik area, while the Filipović family grows hot peppers under strictly controlled conditions in their greenhouses. And that’s not all! These are just some of the fifty-plus families that produce fruits and vegetables for Maxi supermarkets. Now you know who you are buying from, and have you ever wondered how many times to date you haven’t known?

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