Đorđe Đokić, Partner, Vujinović & Đokić Law Office

Be Adaptable

The Vujinović & Đokić Law office has rich experience in the field of business law, representing and consulting for the largest domestic and foreign corporate and financial businesses, while it recently also received great acknowledgment for its work

Discussing the situation on the real estate market, lawyer and partner Đorđe Đokić believes that further development will be dependent on many conditions. He considers that investors who are able to sense the needs of the market could create good business opportunities even under these circumstances.

How important is it in your work to adapt to the individual and specific needs of each client?

– Adapting to clients and their business system is no longer an advantage, but rather absolutely essential if the goal is to provide highquality services. Globalization, which has created a drastic increase in supply and an increasingly complex business environment, has led to successful companies today being the ones that have found a unique and original approach. After business models that were for decades based on traditional principles, modern business has set creativity and courage as values that are highly rated.

When you add to this the fact that the business environment is constantly changing its form, which we’ve been reminded of by the COVID-19 Pandemic, it is clear that easy and quick adaptability to circumstances is essential. As such, our task is to recognize the client’s business philosophy, and thus support them in achieving results.

The turnover of housing properties has proven to be more resilient to the crisis, but current prices are unsustainable over the longer period

Your team has rich experience when it comes to advising foreign and domestic investors conducting transactions linked to real estate. How do you assess the current situation on this market?

– At this juncture, the real estate market can be assessed as being relatively calm, but uncertain. The turnover of housing properties has proven to be more resilient to the crisis, but current prices are evaluated as being unsustainable over the longer period. When it comes to large investment projects, the clear position of the state that the epidemiological situation must not result in work stopping on construction sites was certainly an excellent signal to investors. On the other hand, fear exists among investors regarding the future development of demand, and investments are undeniably slower and more cautious.

You recently received a major acknowledgment. Did that surprise you, given that the moment and the atmosphere aren’t ideal for financial arrangements and projects?

– We are proud of the fact that renowned international legal directory IFLR 1000 ranked our office among Serbia’s leading law firms in the fields of financial and corporate law. This shows that a well-planned business strategy that’s adaptable to changing conditions can convert any circumstance into an ideal one. This acknowledgment, which we received as a relatively young office, confirms that our principles and values have been set well, and it will certainly motivate our further work.

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