Aleksandar Pavlović, IT Solutions Director, AIGO

Only Leaders Predict The Future

AIGO is a company that has a “360 degree” perspective on the new demands that modern business places on the IT sector, because at this moment its services encompass everything from printing solutions to the development and systemic integration of new applications and software solutions

The IT industry has always been dynamic and on the move, and that is especially so today. That’s why it was invaluable to hear what Aleksandar Pavlović, AIGO’s IT solutions director, thinks about the new changes on the IT market as a whole.

What is your opinion regarding the general situation facing the IT market?

As we all know, 2020 was anything but normal, and that analogy can also be applied to the IT industry. From numerous relevant sources, through conversations with the CFO, we have concluded that restrained optimism exists in several segments, especially when it comes to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and the region in which we operate. Specifically, almost half of them are optimistic regarding financial growth, 35 % expect an increase in operating margins, while about 44 % believe that their number of employees will remain unchanged.

The pandemic itself highlighted the weaknesses of old IT models and traditional “on site” solutions. For example, by observing the entire supply chain and network, we see that the unavailability of hardware, aggravated transportation possibilities and the availability of appropriate staff impacted significantly on operations, and it then became obvious that the advantage was with foreign companies that have spent many years carefully monitoring and adopting these technologies, such as “cloud” solutions, and I count AIGO among those companies.

Adapting companies to modern business conditions cannot be imagined today without the applying of IT technology and business applications

Do you create software solutions that are in accordance with the needs of each client or solutions that adapt to various needs?

There is an ever-increasing trend for IT professionals not to be narrowly specialized exclusively on IT skills, but rather for them to be required to possess other knowhow and skills that are needed to properly understand demands and to place the final product with the user to the mutual satisfaction of company and client. That’s why companies that have invested in the so-called reskilling of their experts have sustained their operations or even secured growth during these turbulent times.

Does the survival and development of companies today also depend on their ability to change and to innovate a product or service?

It is up to leaders to predict a new future, otherwise that future will not exist for them, nor will they be part of it. Survival itself, but also development, are part of a corporate strategy that has always been challenging and must always be based on certain assumptions and technologies. Adapting companies to modern business conditions cannot be imagined today without the applying of IT technology and business applications. Companies that have recognized the possibilities of modern technologies, and which are ready to reengineer their business processes, successfully keep pace with the modern way of doing business, while companies that don’t recognize the importance and significance of this area in their operations end up becoming marginalized on the market.

The new transformations of the market have led to the emergence of a sector that develops new software solutions. What is expected of you?

The fact is that everything is available to everyone today – software, hardware, infrastructure – and all in accordance with similar technologies and models, but the essence is in the way they are used, while also achieving a comparative market advantage and recognizability, and this is universal principle that applies regardless of the time in which we operate.

We continuously listen to the market and the demands of business, investing in the education of employee and striving to be a leader in the creating of new IT services and other services that ensure continuous development for our clients.


By Richard Wike, Jackob Poushter, Laura Silver, Janell Fetterolf And Mara Mordecal

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