Serbia is the Master of Its European Future

We fully support Serbia in finding its rightful place among the European community of nations. The path toward achieving this goal is closely connected to political and economic reforms, including a compromise agreement with Kosovo, increased efficiency by the legal system, a serious fight against corruption, and protection for independent media

Strengthening Transatlantic Business Partnerships

AmCham Serbia’s bid to host the European Conference in October was extraordinary, and that is why we will all be at the Belgrade Hilton from October 16 to 19. It will be an opportunity to showcase Serbia and the Serbian chapter of AmCham to all members of our community

Together We Can Make Future Progress

The European conference in Belgrade, one of two traditional gatherings of AmCham Europe, represents a success for AmCham Serbia and a rare opportunity for our team to present its unique experience of Serbia to fellow colleagues from more than 40 European countries

Eager to Introduce American Companies to Serbia

Many U.S. corporate executives see Serbia as a country with great potential for future growth, where a visionary company can seize an advantage by being a “first-mover” in a promising market

We are Strong Support for Business Growth

NCR is a U.S. company that operates on the global market for 135 years. Throughout the time, it has been continuously reaffirming its position as a leader in the information technology sector by providing the solutions that not only keep up with business trends, but also create them

Bridging Industry and The State

We continuously promote Serbia as a desirable investment destination for American companies and cooperate with the state in improving the business environment, thus contributing to local development

Our Task – A Positive Impact on the Future!

Whenever we produce, sell or drink beer, we leave a beer print. The beauty of our responsibility is that we care every day about making that impact positive!

Trying to Bring Tangible Benefits to Serbia

Firm partnership and support for reforms define our relationship with the government of Serbia, the private sector, and civil society. Our aim is to help Serbia achieve its goal of EU membership

A Truly Inspiring Event

16-19 October AmCham Serbia will host one of the two annual events of the European association of the AmChams: the European Conference

Certification Opens Many Doors

SGS Group is the world's largest company for control, testing and certification, and represents an unrivalled authority in terms of the quality of its expertise. Having existed for over 140 years, it operates in more than 180 countries, of which Serbia is only one

New Laws Increase Sureness

LeitnerLeitner is one of the most influential tax consulting and auditing companies in Central and Eastern Europe and is getting more and more recognized in Serbia due to professionalism and high quality of services provided to the clients

No Progress Without Innovation

Law Office Živko Mijatović & Partners (ZMP) was established in Belgrade in 1939 as a general practise law firm, while over the last 30 years its lawyers have become experts in intellectual property rights. ZMP has a network of offices in 15 countries of Central and Eastern Europe

Innovative Medicines Will Save the World

Merck Sharp & Dohme is one of the top American biopharmaceutical company, a global leader in providing innovative solutions in medicines, vaccines and biologic drugs. In the US, MSD celebrates its 130th anniversary; in Serbia, 23 years of business operations

Safe, High-quality, and Declared-Serbian Seed!

Best Seed Producer is a refining centre for the production and marketing of seed products. Established in 2009, its main activity is the processing and packaging of agricultural crop seeds or, more precisely, of cereals, corn and oilseeds

Experts In ICT Law

Naumović & Partners is a medium-sized law firm with professionals and experts who have been working on the most fascinating and complex legal issues...

US Sees Serbia as Part of a Stable Balkans

Serbia occupies a key strategic juncture in the Balkans, at the social, political, and geographic crossroads of Eastern and Western Europe

Education: Industry Made for Growing

The U.S. Department of Education lists more than 4,000 degree-granting academic institutions. Overall, the number of colleges in the U.S. is shrinking, particularly in...

Cultural Melting Pot

The United States is the third-largest country in the world with a population of more than 325 million, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. A child is born every 8 seconds, and a person dies every 12 seconds