Sara Novosel, Managing Director, Blue Ocean Lab

One More Step Towards The Top

BAD SISTEMS is a company that fosters a culture of developing digital products and brings an analytical overview of data that you didn’t even know existed. In accordance with the growth trend dominating the IT sector, and in support of its aspirations to reach the top, BAD SISTEMS has launched its own subsidiary company: Blue Ocean Lab

In order to present the Blue Ocean strategy to us, its managing director, Sara Novosel, compares it to the ocean itself, as a vast territory of opportunities that are gained by opening a new market devoid of competition, because its service hasn’t been created relative to other business models.

BAD SISTEMS is a company that the public already knows as an inexhaustible source of ideas and digital products. And this time you are once again bringing innovations. Could you familiarise us with what this is all about?

Technological growth and development are certainly important parts of our business, but I would emphasise that people, who contribute to the development of the business with their skills and qualities, are also a precondition for success. I would like to hereby announce yet another step of BAD SISTEMS towards the top, and that is the launch of subsidiary company Blue Ocean Lab.

Considering that the growth and success of employees is one of the main postulates of BAD SISTEMS, on this occasion I had the honour of being promoted to the position of managing director of Blue Ocean Lab.

What will Blue Ocean Lab work on specifically; what lies behind such a name?

The Blue Ocean Lab name of the company stemmed from a business strategy that’s called Blue Ocean around the world. This strategy seeks to launch new markets in order to create new demand. Competition doesn’t have much significance in this domain, because this business model implies that we create the need for a service by creating that service.

The basic objective of Blue Ocean Lab as a company will be to develop data analysis services and raise awareness of the importance of data collection, in an era of high technological advancement, for digital products that use machine learning as part of artificial intelligence.

The Blue Ocean business model is directed towards setting its own criteria and rules of the game on the market

We already use machine learning as a data analysis method at BAD SISTEMS and will also apply the same method at Blue Ocean Lab. Artificial intelligence based on the machine learning method represents the ability of a system to learn and improve the user experience through the identifying of patterns of user behaviour and decision making, with minimum human intervention. The Blue Ocean business model is directed towards setting its own criteria and rules of the game on the market.

In order for us to familiarise you with what’s going on that’s contrary to the Blue Ocean strategy, we need to clarify the term Red Ocean. Red Ocean represents a business model that’s entering into a market battle with a large number of competing firms. Companies are on a market with predefined rules of the game that must be respected, and the same product created by different producers doesn’t differ in the slightest, nor can it be distinguished from others.

What plans await Blue Ocean Lab and you personally?

The launch of the Blue Ocean Lab adventure is linked to the date of 2nd August 2021. It will represent one of the foundations of BAD SISTEMS’ boutique of digital products, most of which will rely on data sourced precisely from the Blue Ocean Lab service. Blue Ocean Lab strives to open new markets and offer high-quality and comprehensive analysis of data that you didn’t even know existed, with the aim of implementing digitalisation more efficiently and quickly in Serbia and beyond.

It is a great pleasure for me, as managing director of Blue Ocean Lab, to have the opportunity to continue contributing to the development of the BAD SISTEMS ecosystem, and I look forward to new successes and challenges.

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