Oliver Marjanović, CEO,

Viewing The Topic In 360 Degrees is a member of Swiss software company NSM Engineering group, which has three locations in Serbia, more than 250 employees, more than 200 technologies and almost 30 clients

Speaking for CorD Magazine, enjoy. ing CEO Oliver Marjanović explains why Serbia and Romania are viewed as core growth markets and announces two new locations that are joining the group, whilst also explaining that the company will continue to nurture its values and invest in people, because it believes in offering employees a real home.

How do you succeed in responding to the needs of the growing market and clients?

– As pioneers of the Serbian nearshore market since 2004, we have seen exciting and challenging times. Our daily business relates to the transition of the software engineering industry and demanding clients. We learned that our great ambition to deliver the best fit solution for clients is as important as our culture of living trust at all levels and recruiting the best people to work in this context.

We react very quickly to short-term changes that appear, and that will always appear. Learning from these experiences every day, we are rebuilding our organisation into a form that will totally empower all our people to make decisions that are in the best interest of our partnerships with our clients. With our new, hierarchy-free organisation, we grow as human beings in the network of our own ecosystems.

The key is our unique and natural combination of bringing together the best of both the Swiss and Serbian worlds: we have combined the Swiss culture of aiming for the highest quality solutions in the context of our client’s needs with Serbian creativity and the ability to understand our clients’ requirements from all angles – and to challenge them if needed. That’s why our clients from Switzerland, Germany and the UK have trusted us for nearly 20 years and enjoy working with us.

Our great ambition to deliver the best fit solution for clients is as important as our culture of living trust at all levels and recruiting the best people to work in this context

Can you tell us more about your famous Swiss model A-360; how you apply it and what makes it unique?

– The model is not technical, but more about how we understand ourselves and successfully do business. Our services are established, adapted and sometimes replaced – having a 360-degree view of the topic at hand. It is all about people and how we create a system of quality, trust and communication. Examples: we turned down very attractive requests of clients wanting to work with us! Simply because we didn’t believe our people would be satisfied in the long run. Or: investing strongly in young people in IT might sound short-sighted and risky, but we always believed that investing several months in the education of graduates pays off – and it has, for us and for them.

What are your future plans in a world where “global sourcing” is increasingly becoming a topic?

– We embrace change, but believe some things should remain constant. I see Serbia and Romania as our core markets, where we bring new clients and growth. We will nurture our values and invest in people, because we believe in offering our employees a real home – wherever they work. For us, it is very important to create opportunities for them to experience new cultures, learn, share, and grow even more.

Finally, I can reveal some big things that we have planned: two new locations are joining our group! They will bring us even more flexibility in our sourcing options and promote exchanges of knowledge. Another important project we currently have in store is our rebranding of the entire group, not just That’s already in the works and will be revealed at our huge party on the 17th September, so stay tuned!

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