Ana Manić, Sales And Marketing At SAUTER Building Control Serbia

Leaders In Building Automation

Your direct partner for the last 30 years. Sauter Building Control Serbia comprises a team of Swiss-trained specialist engineers who provide maintenance services according to Sauter standards. One of their priorities is ensuring the satisfying of the client, who should be provided with ideal ideal comfort conditions at all times

The operations of Sauter Building Control Serbia have faced many challenges over the past three decades. Job would be boring without challenges, and the job needs to be fun at least in part in order for one to be able to do it successfully in the long term, says Sauter Building Control Serbia Sales and Marketing Ana Manić.

Sauter has been continuously present in Serbia for 30 years. What were the biggest challenges you faced ,from the time the company was founded in Belgrade back in 1991 until today?

Our parent company, Fr. SAUTER AG from Basel, established its first office in Belgrade, which was then the capital of the much larger country of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, with the intention of it being the centre for the entire region. Belgrade was chosen because of the numerous referential buildings implemented since the early 1950s and representing the result of excellent cooperation with our renowned project design and construction companies of that time. I just would like to mention the Military Medical Academy was realised in 1980 and the Sava Centre a couple of years later, while the Hotel Yugoslavia building emerged two decades prior to that.

Your company has always been in step with innovative technology and the latest developments in the field of smart buildings. How important is the modernisation of such systems and what are the benefits for users?

All our projects have an implemented Sauter technological solution that was high-tech at the time of implementation. Some projects were realised more than 20 or 30 years ago, so it is certainly important to consider their modernisation.

Although our systems operate impeccably, we always recommend modernisation. After so many years, a situation can occur in which the latest technology in some other segment that the user wants to apply to the building is not aligned with Sauter technology implemented fifteen or more years ago. Apart from that, one should also take care when it comes to spare parts that cannot be sourced after a long period.

We have a chance to annually modernise three or more projects that used Sauter technology of previous generations

We have a chance to annually modernise three or more projects that that used Sauter technology of previous generations. I can state that our market recognises the importance of modernising systems.

How important is the maintenance of systems that you have only recently installed and put into operation?

Everything must be maintained, including our systems. We are proud of the fact that our users often tell us that there is no need to maintain their Sauter system, as it has been working flawlessly for years. We take this as a compliment, but it is also trap for the system user. Maintenance is an important investment, and investment maintenance must be planned in order to extend the life of the equipment and thereby save money later.

All analyses show that regular maintenance leads to a significant increase in the service life of equipment, reducing possible problems in the functioning of a building to a minimum and achieving significant additional energy savings. All this justifies investments in maintenance, even without mentioning the fact that it ensures satisfied users who have ideal conditions at all times and the kind of comfort that such facilities deserve. This latter element has always been the most important for us during these 30 years that we’ve had a direct presence on the Serbian market.


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