Jelena Sibinović, General Manager At Metal-Cinkara d.o.o.

Doctors For Corrosion Largest Galvanizer In Southeast Europe

Metal-Cinkara is categorised among the group of healthy and socially responsible companies. It records growth in its business every year, cooperates with those in its surroundings, supports humanitarian, sporting and educational projects, and is an excellent business partner to its customers and suppliers.

The operations of its zinc galvanising plant in Inđija are based on low energy consumption and a small amount of waste generated. It doesn’t release harmful emissions into the environment, having been built according to the principles of BAT technology and the directives of IPPC standards, while it is additionally equipped with devices to filter all vapours released.

Now that you’ve entered the second decade of your existence in Serbia, how would you assess the first 10 years of operations in Inđija?

– Our Maksim group celebrated 30 years of its existence and activities last year, and Metal-Cinkara celebrated 15 years since its founding and 10 years since the opening of its plant Inđija.

We are still the largest galvaniser in Southeast Europe and we’re proud of the level of quality we’ve attained, which is confirmed year after year through the adopted and maintained standards of the integrated quality system (ISO 9001, 18001 and 45001) and German certificate DASt- 022. We are dedicated to the continuous development of the company and to raising the quality of our products and services. Our guiding principles include constant care for customer satisfaction, efficient organisation, maintaining the quality of performed work, providing a comprehensive offer and ensuring mutual trust and respect among employees.

It has been proven that the lifespan of galvanized structures often exceeds a hundred years, which no other form of protection can boast of achieving

What reflects the advantage of hot-dip galvanizing compared to other forms of anti-corrosion protection for steel?

– Hot-dip galvanizing is a process in which steel elements receive appropriate chemical preparation and are then immersed in a zinc melt of 450°C. This process has been applied for over 150 years and is one of the most effective forms of protection against corrosion.

The reason for such widespread application is based on the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of the procedure itself, as well as its good anti-corrosion properties, without maintenance costs, during almost the entire lifespan of the product. It has been proven that the lifespan of galvanized structures often exceeds a hundred years, which no other form of protection can boast of achieving.

It could be said that your company pays a lot of attention to the constant training and development of employees, but also to the protection of the environment. Are your standards the same in Slovenia – as your home country and an EU member state — as they are in Serbia?

– The real challenge for a long time hasn’t been to buy the best equipment. The challenge is to have healthy relationships and motivated employees in the company, and that’s precisely what ours are like because we value them. This is what today creates the difference between successful and unsuccessful companies. A good relationship certainly doesn’t come as the result of a one-off lecture or something similar, nor the efforts of one individual or a small group of employees. A good relationship is the result of trust and respect, open communication, cooperation and encouragement, support, but also clearly set boundaries and respect for rules and agreements. That is a mirror of the culture of all employees, who contribute with their abilities to a positive and constructive atmosphere in the company.

Our galvanizing plant doesn’t release harmful emissions into the environment because it is built according to the principles of BAT technology and the directives of IPPC standards, while it is additionally equipped with devices to filter all vapours released. We reprocess used water and filtrates, while sending used chemicals for recycling. Zinc alloy waste is sold and completely recycled back to smelting zinc and zinc oxide. The other galvanizing plant in our group, in Celje, operates according to the same principles. This was a question of our management’s commitment, and not about belonging to the EU.

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