Dragan Marković, President Of The Executive Board Of Triglav Osiguranje

Creating A Securer Future

Through its constant innovations, company Triglav Osiguranje Srbija, a member of the leading insurance group in the Adria region, strives to respond to the needs of the market and clients, relying on its excellent experiences and best practices from the local and European markets

Alongside compulsory and comprehensive motor insurance, citizens most often pay into life insurance, travel and home insurance, while a growing trend is also represented by voluntary health insurance policies concluded via employers.

Despite Triglav osiguranje having existed in Serbia for more than 40 years, it continues to gain the trust of ever more clients year on year. How do you explain that? Tradition, quality, the sense of security that you provide?

– Thanks to a defined business model that has the client at its centre, and that client’s needs on the consumer journey, Triglav Osiguranje a.d.o. Beograd has for years been increasingly gaining the trust of clients, recording continuous and stable growth, market positioning and recognisability, as well as financial stability. Long-term partnerships and relationships of mutual trust with clients are created with the provision of a high-quality and affordable service through the implementation of basic strategic values, such as agility, simplicity and reliability, and an “omnichannel” approach.

By efficiently, effectively and promptly responding to client and stakeholder needs, with simple and comprehensible services, transparency of operations and the fulfilling of promises, we create the value of our offer, providing unobtrusively flexible, innovative and economical solutions in the insurance domain. We’ve integrated into our business model the principles of socially responsible, stable and profitable operations, as well as sustainably balanced long-term development, which particularly came to the fore during the pandemic.

The positive economic indicators of recent years provide assurances that our industry has lots of growth potential

To what extent are Serbian citizens aware of the importance of the saying “insurance is cheap, but damage is costly”?

– Raising awareness of the need to minimise the risks a person is exposed to in their everyday life and on their consumer journey is an enduring process which our company actively works on every day, particularly with a view to the growth potential of the insurance market. As the motto of the business association of insurers states: “Good things happen every day, and bad things only once – insure the future.”

The GDP share of insurance premiums in the Republic of Serbia in 2020 totalled 2.1%, while the level of insurance premiums per capita stands at €135. The positive economic indicators of recent years provide assurances that our industry has lots of growth potential.

Alongside compulsory third-party insurance for owners of motor vehicles and comprehensive coverage, citizens most often pay into life insurance and travel insurance (until the outbreak of the pandemic), and to a lesser extent real estate insurance. A growing trend is also represented by voluntary health insurance policies concluded via employers.

What are the basic imperatives of your business?

– We are facing major social and technological changes both globally and locally, which we can refer to in short as “digital globalisation”, then there’s a dynamic regulatory framework, more detailed customer demands that are in accordance with their needs and needs to increase the quality, simplicity, availability and transparency of the company’s products and services, thus ensuring reliable and stable operations. As a member of the Triglav Group, which is the leading insurance group in the Adria region, we share our experiences and best practices from the local and European markets with the aim of continuously improving value for our clients and creating a more secure future.

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