Jelena Knežević, Certified Auditor, Managing Director, Leitner Leitner Srbija

Thinking Ahead & Working Together Innovatively

LeitnerLeitner is one of the leading tax advisory and auditing firms in Central and Eastern Europe, which is increasingly recognised in Serbia due to its professionalism and the high quality of its services. LeitnerLeitner has teams of experts who work together across disciplines if the situation calls for it

As your personal advisor, LeitnerLeitner supports you in all of your tax-related issues, allowing you to concentrate fully on your business. That saves time and unnecessary effort. Our teams of experts work together across disciplines if the situation calls for it, says Mrs Jelena Knežević.

LeitnerLeitner Srbija was established in 2011 and in less than a decade has grown to become one of the country’s most influential companies in the area of tax consulting and auditing. Clients value your professionalism and high quality services. Is there anything else that sets you apart from the competition?

We strongly consider that the outstanding technical skills of our team and the high quality of LeitnerLeitner services are key success factors in Serbia. Whether you are an SME or an international group, we never lose sight of our goal, which is to identify, coordinate and realise optimisation potentials. We think ahead with the aim of realising viable, innovative solutions for our clients, and creating sustainable added value. As we work in the financial services industry, employees and their knowledge are our most valuable resource.

LeitnerLeitner is always orientated towards the professional and personal development of our employees by investing in their continuous education in the fields of tax, audit and accounting.

Can a good and successful business strategy be built without an individual approach to the client, their needs and specificities, whether that specificity refers to a product and service, the market etc.?

An individual approach is an imperative and the most important technique to provide unique service. We live in a time of constant changes of legislation and it is therefore crucial to constantly be up to date with the latest amendments. Through the knowledge of our employees, we are able to provide high quality services to our clients, making us successful at the international level. Our experts are passionate about finding feasible solutions for clients’ tax, audit and financial advisory issues.

Our teams of experts work together across disciplines, if the situation calls for that

As your personal advisor, LeitnerLeitner supports you in all of your tax-related issues, allowing you to concentrate fully on your business. That saves time and unnecessary effort. Our teams of experts work together across disciplines if the situation calls for it. This rapid transfer of knowledge ensures that you have the combined knowhow of our entire company at your disposal at all times.

How would you evaluate the current economic environment in Serbia? How much will the pandemic that we’ve gone through, as well as the fact that this is an election year, impact on our economy?

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the world economy, and thus Serbia’s, economy is being evaluated as significant, with some sectors sustaining greater losses compared to others, which will try to mitigate possible losses and evade an “out of business” scenario.

The Guarantee Scheme for supporting the economy that was adopted by the Republic of Serbia is assessed as being positive, introduced with the intention of providing some kind of “time out” for registered business. The economy curve is anticipated as W shaped, with a sharp incline following the establishing of control of Covid-19, followed by another decline. However, a second and stronger rise will come after all the consequences of Covid-19 are neutralised and the economy takes its “natural course”.


Jelena Knežević, Partner, LeitnerLeitner

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Jelena Knežević, Managing Director, LeitnerLeitner Srbija

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