Dejan Stojić, President of AMSS – The Auto-moto Association of Serbia

Proud Of The First Century

AMSS is a national and independent association of citizens and drivers with more than 100,000 members and users of membership advantages, which has spent an entire century improving the areas of motoring and mobility. It has directed special attention towards improving traffic safety

“I would like to emphasise the unique and significant role that AMSS plays in informing the public about the road conditions, which we do every day through numerous channels with millions of views. With that we contribute greatly to increasing traffic safety,” stresses AMSS President Stojić.

You will be commemorating the 100th anniversary of AMSS in 2021. Will you be celebrating your centenary as a leader in the field of road safety?

There are few who can boast of a century of existence, and that makes us very proud. Circumstances have changed significantly over these 100 years, but we have always given our maximum and that will remain the same in the future. The range of services that AMSS provides to all motorised citizens has expanded continuously, and by guaranteeing the highest standards we strive to maintain our position as the association with the largest number of members, of which it currently has more than 100,000.

When it comes to improving traffic safety in Serbia, our role and responsibility do not imply leadership in relation to other responsible institutions. I would say that the emphasis is on successful mutual cooperation with common goals. The main and basic goal is to reduce the number of fatalities and injuries on the roads of Serbia. The resources that AMSS directs towards fulfilling that goal are reflected through numerous projects and campaigns that we carry out continuously.

There is also the AMSS Centre for Motor Vehicles, as the most modern laboratory for testing and certifying vehicles, with an orientation towards very intensive scientific research work. Numerous projects and professional scientific gatherings, organised by AMSS CMV, have yielded numerous positive results when it comes to improving traffic safety.

Motorsport represent an important part of our work and development, and we are proud of the ever increasing number of competitors and competitions

AMSS enjoys a good reputation not only in Serbia and the region, but also around the world. Is this best evdenced by the support you receive from the world governing body of motor sports, the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA)?

The vision of future progress that we share with our partners at the international level helps us to direct our resources towards meeting internationally recognised standards. We have the absolute support of the FIA in our work, as demonstrated by the visit of FIA President Jean Todt last May. We are currently working together on the optimisation of work under the newly created circumstances, but also on preparations in organising the international congress that we will host next year. Hosting delegates from all over Europe, Africa and the Middle East is a special honour and another indicator of the relationship that AMSS has with the FIA.

Inevitably, motorsport represent an important part of our work and development, and we are proud of the ever increasing number of competitors and competitions, which further encourages the FIA to support us in the development of this branch of sport.

What motivated you to initiate the construction of a racetrack in Serbia. Do you have support for such a project?

I drove on numerous tracks abroad during my competitive career. As a former motor sport competitor, but now also as the AMSS president, I consider that Serbia deserves such a track, which will be able to respond to demanding competitions with all its capacities, thereby bringing together a large number of fans of motor sports in one place. Considering that this is a very demanding project that implies the combined work of numerous entities, I can state freely that we have the great support of all relevant institutions in this endeavour.

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