Bojana Vesić Antić, HR Director At G4s Secure Solutions

Living The Values, Protecting Lives And Property

Over the course of around a hundred years, G4S has evolved from a company specialising in manned security to a company providing efficient and effective integrated security solutions with people at their essence

Our values are core to shaping the culture of our organisation, helping to guide, unite, differentiate and sustain us. They are integral to everything we do.

G4S is an international company that has several hundred thousand employees. What do they all have in common? Is it their goal, vision and mission?

– This year American Allied Universal acquired and became the owner of G4S, a global leader in the security field. Our mission is to preserve the values, lives and property of the clients who place their trust in us. More than 800,000 employees, 3,500 of which are in Serbia, are connected by our corporate values being integrity and respect, safety and service excellence, teamwork and innovation. Our global community of G4S Academy experts is passionate about securing your world, by offering the latest solutions and utilising industry knowhow to address future security needs, as well as sharing that knowhow with our clients.

How would you describe the organisational culture of your company, which is among the world’s largest private employers?

– One of the biggest projects we’re planning for this year is the adapting and changing of our organisational culture, in accordance with the needs of employees and the ever-increasing challenges that we face in the business world, both at the global and local levels. G4S in Serbia is composed of three cultures of the companies that have laid foundations we use today to successfully build our recognisable and unique position in this industry.

We protect your world – but our mission doesn’t end there. We live diversity through our employees who hail from different regions and cultures of Serbia. We promote and support women in security through intensive employment and education. We support various activities within the scope of our CSR programme – our employees participate with their personal donations and by devoting their private time to educating vulnerable groups.

This is all us and our values that form part of the culture we want to preserve and upgrade, and that makes us very proud.

More than a third of our employees are colleagues who’ve been with the company for 10 or more years. People connect with people and work for people, which is what characterises this team

G4S has many employees that have been part of the team for more than 20 years. How would you explain such loyalty? Is it the result of business relationships built on trust, good organisation, respect…?

– More than a third of our employees are colleagues who’ve been with the company for 10 or more years. People connect with people and work for people, which is what characterises this team. We have a large number of employees who know their job well and maintain excellent relations with clients, recognising all the risks and reacting in a timely manner to prevent them. Considering the fact that anti-competitive practices exist in this industry and that many employees have previously had negative experiences, G4S is a company that provides its staff with the kind of security that they had not had with their previous employers. This is the most common statement of all colleagues in the surveys that we’ve conducted.

A significant number of employees also point out the good organisation which distinguished itself during the pandemic and the state of emergency, when we showed that we care equally for everyone. That said, we transported colleagues to and from work, organised testing and sent out “health packages” to all those who fell ill. The most important element is that everyone kept their job. All of the aforementioned activities represent a sign of mutual trust and respect that people recognise and know how to reward.



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