Nordic Way Of Life

Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland & Iceland are pretty much model students when it comes to ethical living and is also pro at tackling social issues to the bone. They’re basically the top badass countries we should all be looking to right now in terms of inspiration, so feel free to take notes on the Nordic way of life…

Finnish students have topped all educational scores for more than a decade. Coincidence, you reckon? It’s crazy but true: kids usually don’t spend more than 30 minutes each day on their homework. This leads to happy students getting more freedom to develop independence, practise other skills or simply enjoy life, which ultimately results in scoring higher grades. The perfect balance of work and leisure is the secret recipe for success in Nordic countries.


The Nordics were the first in giving women the right to vote. For decades, they have been dedicated to integrating more females into positions of power and although the salary gap is still existent, it’s amongst the lowest in the world.

Security is Key

No wonder these Northern countries score highly on education, happiness and so much more: citizens have access to a large social safety net which allows them to feel more secure in their daily lives. Sure their taxes are high (approximately 20% of income), but let’s look at the benefits most of these countries get as a result of higher taxes…

Public schools are free (which means everyone has access to a decent education).

Public healthcare is free or relatively cheap depending on the Nordic country.

Maternity leave is super generous (up to twelve months), paid AND often shared among the couple (it’s up to them to decide) – we told you they don’t joke about equality.

The government helps you get back on track if you lose your job by assisting you financially for a certain period of time (In Denmark for example, it’s 90% of your salary for up to two years).

Love of Nature

The Nordic regions don’t just get that we have ONE planet earth, they actually act like it too. All 5 nations are in the top 10 eco-friendly countries of the world and it doesn’t surprise anyone. In a nutshell, most of the locals are avid bicycle riders, eco-living advocates and renewable energy users. Mother nature is clearly thankful since every Nordic country resembles a green temple of wildlife where breath-taking landscapes continually tempt the residents to step outside.

Healthy Living

Bring it on rain, clouds, snow and thunder – these people can take it all. No matter what the weather these warm-blooded sports fans will hop on their bikes, stretch out for their morning jog, trek in the wild or casually do a wife-carrying competition (you read that right). And when it’s time to relax, a nice steamy sauna is their perfect ritual remedy. This extra hot bath offers real health benefits. Diet wise the Nords are totally on-point with healthy meals, stocking up on fish, vegetables and whole grains for an exemplary diet.

Together Life is Better

Nordic residents are truly considerate of others and value the social aspects of life by embracing small encounters and taking the time to meet like-minded individuals or their neighbours next door. In Denmark, this way of life has a name of its own : Hygge. Locals use this word to describe a moment spent within a warm, cosy atmosphere with loved ones, which is regarded as essential to their culture. The main “rule” of Hygge is to be mindful of others and always act with respect – a mentality that should naturally be applied worldwide if you ask us.

The Prison System is Geared Towards Low Reoffending Rates

Norwegians have cleverly concluded that when prisoners are treated inhumanely they are less likely to adopt a positive lifestyle and attitude once they’re released. For this reason, they treat those in prison fairly and teach them how to live within a community.

Prisoners work on a daily basis but during their free time they can take educational or training courses, go fishing or swimming in the summer, practice an instrument, cook for themselves or even watch television. Usually, four to five convicts are placed together in wooden cottages so that they learn how to live in harmony and become more independent. Thanks to all this, Norwegian jails hold the lowest reoffending rates in the whole of Europe because prisoners feel like they can re-integrate into a life of normality more easily.

With all this positivity, it’s no surprise Nordics are happy people, live longer and feel safe on a general basis.


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