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Johannes Kjellgren, General Manager of Volvo Trucks For The Adriatic South Region

Volvo Trucks – Driving Progress

With nearly ninety years of truck production experience, renowned quality, scope of production, development and implementation of advanced safety systems, fuel efficiency and cab comfort of trucks, superb after-sales service etc., Volvo Trucks is one of the world’s leading brands – says Johannes Kjellgren, General Manager of Volvo Trucks for the Adriatic South Region

Apart from its already renowned quality, Volvo is distinguished among commercial vehicle producers for its exceptional care for the safety of drivers, vehicles and all other transportation participants.

The quality of Swedish goods and services is recognised around the world. What are the main advantages of Volvo trucks compared to other truck producers?

– I would like to remind you that Volvo was a pioneer in the development and implementation of a series of safety systems. 

For example, in 1960 the new Volvo Trucks cab was introduced. This steel structure is unrivalled in terms of safety and comfort. Then, in 1996, Volvo Trucks became the first manufacturer in the world to present a Front Under-Run Protection System as an option for heavy trucks. Volvo Trucks is also a leader in the development of components and systems that ease driving performance and increase transportation efficiency. For example, in 2014 Volvo Trucks launched the first automatic dual-clutch transmission system for heavy vehicles on the market. With dual clutches, the gear changes take place without any interruption in power delivery.

Which benefits can a Volvo customer receive when it comes to workshop services, spare parts and other Volvo support services?

– We have several benefits. First of all, you are buying original parts and services. In Serbia, Macedonia and Bosnia we have daughter companies of the Volvo Group, which means that we can secure fast delivery of parts and services to our customers. Then, of course, we are offering a two-year warranty on spare parts fitted in our workshops, which is quite unique in our industry. As a transport company, you are experts in moving goods between different places in a safe and cost effective way, so why not let Volvo ensure that your truck fleet spends most of its time on the road and not in the workshop? Here our all-inclusive Gold Service contract is the perfect match.

The fact that every owner or user of Volvo trucks has full service support in any part of our continent is very important, as Volvo Trucks has one of the largest networks of workshop services in Europe

However, the fact that every owner or user of Volvo trucks has full service support in any part of our continent is also very important, as Volvo Trucks has one of the largest networks of workshop services in Europe. A call to the Volvo Action Service will bring help on the road in the shortest possible time.

Taking into consideration that Volvo is selling new and used trucks, and considering the current economic circumstances, what are the advantages that costumers can count on?

Volvo trucks are known for their quality, both new and used, so they can expect a quality product that is supported by a great team with expert knowledge. Basically, we support the customers as long as they have their Volvo.

Volvo was a pioneer in reducing exhaust emissions. How is Volvo taking care of the environment?

– We are producing environmentally friendly trucks, but we are also doing many things locally. Probably the most effective is driver training. This is a service that really makes a big difference on the environment, as the driver can influence this to a large extent. Further, this is very attractive for company owners, as it is also saves costs just by training drivers to drive fuel efficiently, which has a direct impact on the environment. We are constantly developing our products and services in an environmentally friendly way and we would like to represent a sustainable solution for the next generation.