Infostud And Alma Media

Four Years of Partnership

Cooperation between these Serbian and Finnish business groups has improved their internet business, but also enabled mutual familiarisation with their culture

Finnish media group Alma Media has since 2012 been a partner of Subotica-based company Infostud, one of Serbia’s most successful internet companies. Alma Media owns a 25 per cent stake in Infostud, which has a dozen different sites in the areas of employment, the auto sector, education, tourism and insurance, almost all of which are leaders in their respective areas of business.

The four-year partnership between these two successful groups has enabled the mutual exchange of knowhow in the internet business and the development of joint projects. Regular meetings of employees are held in Finland, Serbia or in other European countries where Alma Media also operates.

The closest cooperation has been developed between the Finnish and Serbian sites for the sale of used cars, and, as well as sites for employment within the Alma Media Group – (Slovakia), (Poland), (Serbia), (Lithuania), (Czech Republic), www.posao. ba (BiH), (Croatia) and (Hungary).

In addition to the exchange of business knowledge, another great advantage offered by this group is the opportunity to get to know different cultures. Thanks to cooperation with Infostud, Finns have familiarized themselves better with Serbia, especially Belgrade and Subotica, while on the other side colleagues from Serbia have visited Tampere and Helsinki several times, thus becoming familiar with the Finnish culture. One of the special wishes of the Infostud team is also to visit Lapland and the workshop of Santa Claus and reindeer farm located there.

Otherwise, Finland is not the only Nordic country with which Infostud cooperates. All Nordic embassies in Belgrade, as well as a large number of companies from these countries, employ staff through the site

Moreover, Infostud also recently expanded its business to the field of insurance, launching the site, and the Embassy of Sweden in Belgrade became one of the clients of this site.


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