Đorđe Davidović, General Manager, Wolt d.o.o.

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Wolt isn’t just a technology company, nor is it just an app. Wolt is the people who stand behind everything. Wolt is more than 10,000 delivery workers, more than 7,000 restaurants, strong support and more than 750 employees from 20 countries

The Wolt app is extremely easy to use and aims to connect the user with their desired restaurant. Due to the new situation with the Corona Virus, Wolt has also introduced the option of “No-contact delivery” which is now automatically turned on in the app. This means that the courier will leave the food at the customers’ doorstep.

Wolt is a technology company that raises the experience of ordering food to a whole new, significantly higher level. How did Wolt manage to reach the level of more than 750 employees and build a great reputation in just six years?

Wolt Logo– Wolt was founded in Helsinki in 2014, with the first version of the Wolt app already launched in 2015, with 10 restaurants from which customers could only order food to take away. Shortly thereafter, we introduced a food delivery service, and in 2017 we began our expansion and entered the markets of Sweden and the Baltic states. We are grateful and are aware that we were also somewhat fortunate to have set out precisely from Finland, from Helsinki, which has a fairly small population, high population density and bad weather conditions. Our focus from the very beginning was on the development of the technology, increasing efficiency and learning from the customer experience.

Wolt today operates in 20 countries and 80+ cities; we cooperate with more than 7,000 restaurants and over 10,000 couriers.

What can you tell us about Wolt’s operations on the Serbian market?

– Wolt brought a completely new user experience to Serbia and raised the standards of food delivery to a higher level. We have been operating in Serbia since April 2019. We began with delivery in Belgrade, only to expand to Novi Sad in December.

Đorđe Davidović Wolt

We currently have more than 250 restaurants on the app and are working daily on the introduction of new restaurants, while actively listening to the market and trying to meet the diverse wishes of our customers.

We follow examples of good practice, primarily from countries in the region, which is of great help to us when it comes to developing our business in the right direction.

Your app received an award from Apple, and you recently also found yourself among the rankings of The Financial Times. What is it that such big names have recognised in your app and what sets you apart from the competition?

– Apple’s recognition testifies to the flawless user experience provided by the app. Apart from Apple, Wired also proclaimed us one of the best European start-ups. We are also very proud that Wolt has been listed by The Financial Times magazine as the second fastest growing company in Europe. These acknowledgements tell us that we’re on the right track.

Customers can take advantage of local user support, which responds to all questions and requests within a deadline of 60 seconds

One of the things that sets us apart from the competition is certainly the possibility to track orders in real time, where our user can see exactly where their food is at any time. We succeeded in quickly developing a portfolio of eateries that encompasses fine dining restaurants, international and local cuisine, as well as renowned chains of fast food restaurants. We add new restaurants on a weekly basis, in order to meet the desires of our customers, and strive – through various activities – to enable the most diverse offer for everyone’s taste.

Could you explain to us how ordering food via your app functions; can we order a delivery a few days in advance, specifying the time; how do users pay; how can we know when our delivery will arrive?

– The Wolt app is very easy to use and aims to connect the user with their desired restaurant. The app has several basic options for the user: the user can order for delivery to a requested address, to pick up the food personally from the restaurant or for the desired food to be waiting to be served to them at the restaurant itself. A great option for meal planning is also to pre-order, or to schedule an order for a specific later time.

This option is ideal if you know when you want to take your lunch break during a busy day or if you’re planning a dinner at home. You can use the app to track how the preparation of your food is advancing, as well as the current location of the courier in real time. We keep you informed regarding all important steps and you will know exactly when your food will arrive. Customers can take advantage of local user support, which responds to all questions and requests within a deadline of 60 seconds.

Đorđe Davidović Wolt

Wolt users don’t need cash, but rather can pay for everything through the app and online, with any Mastercard or Visa card that they generally use to make daily payments. It is enough to enter the card information once, after which you can just select the restaurant and meals in a few clicks. The card remains in the app’s memory, so afterwards the user can order food without having any money or payment cards with them.

Alongside all the options that are available to users, due to the new situation with the Corona Virus, Wolt has also introduced the option of “No-contact delivery” which is now automatically turned on in the app. This means that the courier will leave the food at the customers’ doorstep.

Those wanting to collaborate with you must respect Wolt’s standards. What does that mean when it comes to deliver operators, and what does it mean for restaurants? How much respect is given to the specifics of the local market?

– In order for a restaurant to be included on our app, it has to meet high standards, ranging from hygienic conditions to the way food is prepared. Every restaurant undergoes training in order to meet the rigorous level of service, as well as optimal times for food preparation. Once it becomes our partner, Wolt promotes the restaurant’s brand, both through the app itself and through other communication channels.

You will easily recognise our delivery workers on the street. Before anyone becomes a Wolt delivery worker, they must undergo special training, where we harmonise our expectations and theirs when it comes to behaviour and relations with restaurants and customers, as well as the Wolt brand. Their task is to deliver food in the best possible condition, through the optimal time, regardless of weather conditions and other external factors. In this way we gain the standardised and high level of service that we’ve accustomed our customers to receiving.

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