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Nasser Bourita, Moroccan Minister Of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation And Moroccan Expatriates

High Time For New Milestones

I consider the commemoration of this Jubilee as an invaluable opportunity to lay down bridges of dialogue, communication and exchange through numerous means that include business, art, history, cinema and music ~ H.E. Nasser Bourita

At a time when the world is going through unprecedented transformations, complex challenges and multidimensional risks, there are also unique opportunities ahead of us. As a committed global partner of Serbia, Morocco wishes to move forward side by side to take advantage of this situation in order to embark on a much more promising path of mutual prosperity.

On 1st March, 2022, the Kingdom of Morocco and the Republic of Serbia celebrated the 65th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Belgrade and Rabat. To commemorate this special milestone, then Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikola Selaković and myself agreed, during his visit last year, to designate the year 2022 as the “Year of Morocco in Serbia and the Year of Serbia in Morocco”.

Since our bilateral relations have always placed people at the centre of its agenda and at the heart of its achievements, I consider the commemoration of this jubilee as an invaluable opportunity to lay down bridges of dialogue, communication and exchange through numerous means that include business, art, history, cinema and music. I believe that human relations are the main link to connect our two geo-strategically important states, and thereby better linking Africa to the Western Balkans.

Moroccan-Serbian cooperation has proven to be in line with the flow of history. It is high time to set new milestones and elevate our cooperation to an unprecedented level amid the unprecedented challenges of recent times

The two nations, equally strong in the face of adversity, which have gone through key moments hand-in-hand, such as the 1st Conference of the Non-Aligned Movement in Belgrade in 1961, and two peoples united in the defence of their respective national sovereignty and territorial integrity. The solid bond that unites us is not only the expression of a deep relationship rooted in history, but also the primary attribute of the credibility and reliability that both our states enjoy within the international society and within our bilateral relations. At the end of the day, Morocco and Serbia, despite being separated by geography, share a common core of values that aligns our visions and welds our external action.

On the principals of mutual respect, common interest, and a shared informed vision, we have come a long way in further deepening our relations in many respects, especially in the most heartfelt and structural aspects. The friendship that binds our two nations has not been overlooked. His Majesty King Mohammed VI has personally cited Serbia amongst the inner circle of the Kingdom’s friends. It is, for us, the most significant signal of the excellence of those relations.

Looking ahead, I am utterly convinced that we can achieve more. This jubilee shoulders the responsibility of our like-minded governments to provide the adequate content to meet the expectations of our two Heads of States and peoples. To this end, the time has come to jointly explore the opportunity for a fully vested strategic partnership. A partnership that can equip us with the necessary means to respond to the ongoing transformations and take advantage of the immense opportunities that lie ahead. A framework that structures the workflow that our two diplomatic bodies, our public institutions and our governments can use as a springboard to reach the political and economic goals we want for our relationship.