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Adel El Fakir, Director Of The Moroccan National Tourist Office

Focused On Establishing Direct Flights

The Moroccan National Tourism Office unveiled its new international brand “Morocco – Kingdom of Light”, which represents the cornerstone of the promotional campaign that Morocco is targeting and which is dedicated to international tourism, both on traditional and emerging markets

We launched a new communication platform that reveals the wealth that the Kingdom of Morocco has to offer: Morocco is much more than a destination to visit: it is a country that lives through its arts and crafts, its living culture, its gastronomy, its creativity and its human values – says Director of the Moroccan National Tourist Office Adel El Fakir, speaking in this interview for CorD Magazine.

In your opinion, how does the “Morocco – Kingdom of light” branding contribute to strengthening the trendy image of your country among Serbian tourists?

“Morocco – Kingdom of Light” is a powerful promise that positions Morocco among the world’s most coveted tourist destinations, which reinforces its repute and its attractiveness.

The campaign constitutes a turning point in the communication of the destination. It breathes new life into it and strengthens its reputation with the international public, particularly the new generations of travellers, young tourists, more dynamic, more connected, and in constant demand for the unexpected and new discoveries. We are convinced that this will also have a great impact on Serbian tourists.

How could the Moroccan National Tourism Office work to attract more Serbian tourists to Morocco?

The Serbian tourist market is an emerging market that represents a lot of potential for Morocco. Our country welcomed more than 5,000 visitors from Serbia in 2019. We aim to increase this figure by undertaking a series of actions to establish the Morocco brand and highlighting the Kingdom’s tourism and cultural assets in Serbia. We have, for example, participated in the Moroccan culture and craft week organised in Serbia, and in the Belgrade Tourism Fair. We have also developed synergies with the Moroccan Embassy in Serbia, through participation in cultural and promotional activities held in the Serbian city of Novi Sad.

The Serbian tourism market is an emerging market for Morocco that represents a lot of potential. Our country welcomed more than 5,000 visitors from Serbia in 2019. We aim to increase this number by undertaking a series of actions to establish the Morocco brand and highlight the Kingdom’s tourism and cultural assets in Serbia

At the same time, the Moroccan National Tourism Office is working with Serbian tourism operators to establish offers to increase sales of the Moroccan destination. We are also working to improve air connectivity between the two countries, as well as the scheduling of charter flights to Morocco.

Does the Moroccan National Tourism Office intend to organise tourism prospecting missions in the Balkan region, including Serbia in particular, in the near future? And when can we expect direct flights from Serbia to Morocco?

The Balkan region is a promising market for Moroccan tourism, and one that the Moroccan National Tourism Office will continue to explore in order to promote the Moroccan brand. We will launch many training and promotional actions with sales networks in 2023, in order to enhance the programming of the Moroccan destination by travel prescribers. We will also participate, over the next few months, in the main tourism fairs in the region, both in B2B and B2C segments.

In terms of communication, the Moroccan National Tourism Office will also target opinion leaders in an effort to generate content about Morocco and the various tourism potentials offered by our country.

In terms of air connectivity, we are focusing on the establishing of a direct air connection between Serbia and Morocco, in order to increase the number of tourists. I can already tell you that negotiations are underway with several companies.