Milena Argirovic, MD, Commercial Excellence Head, MCO Balkans, Commercial Head Serbia/Montenegro TAKEDA

Innovative Treatments

Takeda sees great future potential in the Balkan region, especially Serbia, and intends to bring to the market high end medicines and advanced therapies suited to patients’ needs

Milena Argirovic, TAKEDA

Takeda is a dynamic international company with an expanding presence in fast-growing markets around the world and, as such, it has been establishing its presence in Serbia since 2013. Takeda is at the forefront of the research and development of innovative treatments to satisfy unmet medical needs. The company soon intends to launch two of its innovative treatments for Hodgkin Lymphoma Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. 

After three years on the market, how would you assess Serbia’s potential for the sale of Takeda’s innovative medicines?

Takeda is a pioneering global biopharmaceutical company that relies on its innovative solutions for patients. A leader in research and development in the fields of oncology, haematology and the gastrointestinal system, we provide high-end therapies for patients in need.

Takeda Serbia is a dynamic company operating in this country, and also an integral part of Takeda MCO Balkans organisation. Our country is an emerging market with high future potential. Takeda is putting its trust in the Balkan region, and especially Serbia, and intends to invest seriously on the local healthcare landscape.

We think that it is in the interest of patients in Serbia that innovative treatments be protected and every citizen deserves access to treatment

In which areas of healthcare in Serbia has Takeda made the biggest advances with its offer?

Takeda Serbia activity will be mainly focused on pharmaceuticals. Takeda is still investing despite the financial crisis, with the patient in the centre, and its unique portfolio is based on established medicines and innovative therapies. We are committed to excellence and we want to serve the needs of patients in the best way.

Our human capital is our strongest asset and our high-quality employees are our strongest ambassadors towards healthcare professionals, the scientific community, the authorities and society.

Considering budgetary constraints to financing the national healthcare sector, how much space remains for pharmaceutical companies to sell their most advanced products here and ensure payment is received?

The pharmaceutical industry has gone through unprecedented change due to the recession. Many pharmaceutical companies were affected by patent losses, price cuts and governmental measures aimed at further reducing pharmaceutical expenditure. Nevertheless, we believe strongly that the pharmaceutical business model should be transformed and new priorities put in place.

Rare diseases and serious medical conditions are still waiting for new innovative therapies, which will save lives and improve the quality of life for many patients. Our modern lifestyle has led to many diseases. However, thanks to medicines, life expectancy has increased. We think that it is in the interest of patients in Serbia that innovative treatments are protected and every citizen deserves access to treatment.

What are Takeda Serbia’s plans for the period ahead?

We are preparing for two very important launches; more specifically, brentuximab vedotin, in the management of Hodgkin Lymphoma, and vedolizumab, in the management of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Takeda is investing heavily in the research and development of novel treatments to satisfy unmet medical needs.

Our organisation is expecting to grow and expand into new therapy areas. We want to be a useful partner to the Serbian economy and society and to be based on ethical business embracing our corporate philosophy of integrity: fairness, honesty and perseverance, developed over the company’s long corporate history of more than 230 years.