Nedžat Šuntić, Managing Director, Mizan Line d.o.o.

Quality Is Everything

In just the decade and a half that it has existed, company Mizan Line has succeeded in building a strong network of partners throughout Serbia, B-H, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, and even the cradle of fashion that is Italy. It views itself as a regional leader in the demanding underwear market and is working meticulously to enhance that position

We don’t advertise, because we believe that the recommendation of a satisfied customer is the best advert. They often recommend us to their acquaintances, who contact us or come to buy something from our range for themselves and their family – reveals Mr Šuntić.

You are exerting every effort in the creation of a stable market that has long since extended beyond the borders of our country, such that you’ve reached B-H, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary and even Italy. How did you manage to achieve that?

From the very beginning of dealing with this business, we’ve tried to be correct, high quality and receptive, which is exactly why we are recognisable on the broader market where we place our products. It is primarily important to us to gain the trust of our clients in our company and our products, and it is up to us to justify that trust with our quality and responsible operations. So we can state unreservedly that we’ve managed to prove ourselves and that we have friends all over Europe, not just in the region.

Judging by the results you’ve achieved and the markets you’ve conquered, have you managed to impose yourself with both the quality of materials and design?

We like to say that our primary goal isn’t profit, although that’s naturally an important item of our everyday operations, but rather that we are focused on our customers, but also the end users of our products. Our openness to suggestions, proposals and advice, but also criticism, is what makes us accessible and direct, so people have the freedom to point out our shortcomings, if there are any, but they often recommend us to their acquaintances, who contact us to cooperate or come to our retail outlets to buy something from our range for themselves and their family. That’s actually our best advertisement and we are satisfied with the way everything has functioned so far.

Our offer is more than satisfactory, particularly given that we use the highest quality materials to make our products

Is it possible to successfully do business without constantly expanding the range and maintaining the quality you’ve already achieved?

We consider that we have enough models and that our offer is more than satisfactory, particularly given that we use the highest quality materials to make our products. Quality is everything. We are also proud to highlight the fact that we have international certificates, such as OEKO – TEX 100 STANDARD, which confirms that our products are made of natural materials that do not harm the wearer or the environment, or the BSCI Code of Conduct, which ensures high-quality working conditions and safety at work in accordance with the positive law of Serbia, but also of the European Union.

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