Antonio Zanetti, CEO And Founder Of The KMZ Group

15 Years In Serbia. Responsible Growth

Once vertically integrated, Mr Zanetti’s interests in his companies in Serbia and Italy (including MG Precast and Penta Ge.Co. Construction) will become the KMZ Group of companies

MG Precast – a regional leader in precast concrete structures, was Antonio Zanetti’s first endeavour in Serbia. Fifteen years on, CorD Magazine met with Mr Zanetti as part of our series of interviews with leaders of the Italian business community in Serbia.

Mr Zanetti, fifteen years on, yourself and your companies have become synonymous with excellence in the construction industry. Tell us more about your work?

– To be honest, this trajectory of my work and the success of our companies in Serbia is something I would not have dared to forecast back in 2007. In the last fifteen years we have successfully been at the forefront of the region’s economic expansion. We started out with MG Precast, as a manufacturer of precast concrete structures (a key part of any industrial facility), and moved on to establish Penta Ge.Co. Construction – our turnkey general contracting company.

This year we have proceeded with the aquisition of SPI SRL – a company from Italy that specialises in precast concrete products in the tunnel-building industry. Since 2015, we are also active in the agricultural technologies sector with Loom Of Fruit, which specialises in prestressed concrete anti-hail products. Something unrelated to our core business of construction and concrete is our blueberry orchard Bacca Blu and Burnout, through which we have become the exclusive distributor of Ducati and Benelli motorcycles in Serbia and the region – a true synthesis of passion and our impeccable management and professional standards.

You smile when you mention motorcycles. How come?

– To be honest, growing up in Mantova – famous for being the birthplace of many talented motorists, a connection with motorsport comes naturally. In my case, it was motorcycles – Ducati to be specific. To be able to do business with a brand like Ducati – one I have admired since my childhood days – is pure passion. Hence the smile.

You mentioned the success of MG Precast. Could you tell us more?

– This is a company that has grown significantly since its founding. To put it into numbers – in our first years here, we were producing some 50,000 square metres of precast concrete structures annually. Last year we produced and installed over 400,000 square metres. With increased demand, we had to increase our capacities. Two years ago, we doubled our output with the opening of our second production plant in Inđija.

With such an increase in operations (the plant spreads across over 40,000 square metres) the company essentially entered a new era and we felt that its name should also evolve in a way that mirrors this. Martini Gradnja therefore became MG Precast.

Penta Ge.Co. Construction has taken its place among the region’s most respected general contracting companies. What are your thoughts?

– Penta Ge.Co. Construction is a company that was founded on the basis of our extensive experience in the construction business. In these seven years, we have had the pleasure to work with global market leaders in building their factories, logistical centres and retail parks in Serbia. Just recently, we were chosen as the general contractor for the new ‘Lastavice – Blok 58’ residential complex in Belgrade. This is a huge milestone for us, as it speaks volumes about our reputation within the investor community in the region and beyond. Additionally, after building several hundred thousand square metres of industrial and logistical facilities, this will be our second large residential and commercial project.

What are your next steps, considering the diversification of your various businesses?

– We are currently working on the vertical integration of our companies both here in Serbia and in Italy. Loom Of Fruit has established itself as one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of prestressed concrete antihail poles and we will work on establishing the company’s presence in other European and Asian markets. With regard to Burnout and our motorcycle business, we plan to build a 1,500m2 motorcycle centre from which we will directly supply all EU and Extra-EU markets that we are covering with Ducati and Benelli motorcycles. We also plan to introduce a third brand, but no details can be made public at this time.

With MG Precast, the goal is to maintain stable and continuous growth, in line with previous company history and the recent expansion of our production output. Penta Ge.Co. Construction will work on further increasing its presence in both Serbia and other European countries by taking benefit our own knowhow, activities with our businesses in Italy and the reputation we have built by working with global industry-leading companies.

KMZ Contractor, the group’s project bureau, will undergo a rebranding as we understand it?

– The KMZ Contractor project bureau, known for its excellence in service, will soon be renamed to Indicon. Under this new name, Indicon will focus on acquiring new clients in regional and EU markets, as well as retaining its market-leading position here in Serbia. All things considered, this scope of activities certainly provides for a positive outlook.

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