Annino De Venezia, General Manager, AUNDE Serbia d.o.o

Strong Player In The Automotive Sector

AUNDE Serbia started with upholstery covers for the Fiat 500L, then moved on to the Fiat Ducato and Iveco Daily, quickly adding new customers to their list. About 15,000 seat covers leave the production lines of their plant every single day

When it comes to the future, at Aunde Serbia they feel that good possibilities exist to expand their operations and hire more workers: sewing operators, technicians, product quality experts etc. They are also hopeful that the time of COVID is passing.

How many companies do you currently collaborate with; how many models do you produce covers for and do possibilities exist for you to expand your portfolio?

AUNDE Serbia is a strong player in the automotive seat cover sector. That’s why the EU’s most important OEM’s choose us for their projects. Stellantis, Mercedes, Iveco, Peg Perego – these represent just a few examples of the names with which we work. A lot of models and variants are produced in our Serbian plant. Just to give you a number: about 15,000 seat covers leave the production lines of our plant every day. When it comes to the future, I feel like a good possibility exist for us to expand our operations and hire more workers: sewing operators, technicians, product quality experts etc.

The time of COVID is passing, at least we hope so. After this negative event in recent human history, every one of us will be ready to start normal life again. I wish to say “enthusiastic normal life”. The modern economy will restart and AUNDE is ready to be on the front line.

The modern economy will restart and AUNDE is ready to be on the front line

Aunde Srb is known as a good employer. How many employees do you have at present? Is it true that women account for as many as 72 per cent of your staff?

AUNDE has 750 workers. And women represent more than 72%, actually 75%. Just to remind everyone that 50% of the managers at AUNDE are women. That’s nothing against men, obviously. But we must consider an important aspect of our job: women are more efficient and effective than men. Young men and women have met at our company and married. That’s really nice.

Let me also say that more than 100 children were born in Jagodina whose mums work at AUNDE. We have an important, positive social impact on the community. I am proud of that.

In your work and the protecting of your employees, did you rely on the experience and knowhow of your colleagues from the company’s headquarters in Italy, which was the hardest hit country at the beginning of the pandemic?

Maintaining operations under the conditions of a pandemic is a major challenge, yet we managed to preserve both our production activities and the health of our employees. Italians suffered a lot because of the pandemic. I lost my friend and his father. We learnt some important things from that negative experience. I was in constant contact with our headquarters.

AUNDE Serbia adopted all the countermeasures proposed by the Serbian Ministry of Health. Moreover, we also implemented some specific measures: plexiglass flags on each sewing machines; single use gloves to wear on the bus; dispensers of antiseptics in all departments; antiseptic cleaner for shoes, and so on.

Our workers are very responsible and they immediately reacted well and used all the procedures and equipment we gave them. We are a big and strong family at AUNDE Serbia!

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