Annino De Venezia, General Manager, AUNDE Srb d.o.o.

The Right Mix For Success

AUNDE SRB d.o.o. is part of the worldwide AUNDE Italia Group, which is itself part of the AUNDE Group. The company’s manufacturing plant in the Central Serbian city of Jagodina employs approximately 750 workers

Serbia remains a country in a very important geostrategic area, which enables important investments. And we, as Italians, firstly came to Serbia to invest and then developed the trust to continue doing business.

AUNDE SRB, as a part of the worldwide AUNDE Italia Group, has received some important awards in Serbia thanks to its very high turnover level. Its turnover leapt over the course of seven years from six million euros to 29 million. This progress is impressive thanks to some important factors, among which the company’s management would highlight:

* Lean manufacturing: representing the right approach to any industrial activity;
* Workers loving their job: the environment, the atmosphere, cooperation between workers etc., serve to create the right mix for success.
* We are definitively like a small village where everyone knows each other.

Workers love their job: the environment, atmosphere and cooperation between workers create the right mix for success

The current production area covers around 10,000m2, but that will have increased to around 15,000m2 after July 2022. That’s because AUNDE has gained another two important projects: IKEA and the Junior Jeep of Stellantis Automotive Group.

According to company bosses, there are some things that should be fixed in Serbia, because not everything is simple and perfect, but they trust that the country has great potential to achieve good results in just a few years and have personally witnessed positive changes in terms of infrastructure. This means that Serbia is heading in the right direction and being monitored carefully by all investors. About 200 children with mothers working at AUNDE SRB have been born over the last seven years, and the company is proud of this important positive impact on society.

AUNDE needs workers that are motivated to learn a job in the automotive sector. At the company they like to say that it feels like they’re all part of a big family, which is true and always important to bear in mind.

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