Vassilis Karanasios, Director, Coral Srb d.o.o.

Growing With Targeted Investments

Coral SRB D.O.O. has been operating under the Shell brand in Serbia since 2017. During the four years that is has been present in Serbia, this company has succeeded in imposing itself as the first choice of many drivers

We are currently operating nine retail filling stations in Serbia under the Shell brand, while we have more than 120 employees, confirms Coral SRB Director Vassilis Karanasios, noting that the company’s development is based on a dynamic strategy that ensures the evolution of the filling station of the future.

Over the four years that you’ve been present in Serbia, you’ve succeeded in imposing your company as the first choice of many drivers. How did you succeed?

Coral SRB D.O.O. has been operating under the Shell brand in Serbia since 2017. Holding company Coral SA constitutes the continuation of Shell Hellas, a company that has been operating in Greece since 1926. We secured the use of the Shell brand in Serbia through a longterm license agreement. In practice, all research and development on fuels being undertaken at the global level is being transferred to Serbian drivers through our retail stations. All this experience, innovation by Shell and the high quality of our products and services, helped us to gain the trust of customers.

You currently have nine retail filling stations in Serbia. Do you plan to further expand and enrich your offer?

Coral SRB is currently operating nine gas stations in Serbia under the Shell brand. It has invested more than 14 million euros over recent years and employees more than 120 employees. Having the support of one of the largest energy groups in Greece, we grow with targeted investments throughout the country. We are very happy to introduce the Shell brand and fuels to the Serbian market. The Shell brand brings strong expertise and, most importantly, aims to strengthen the local economy.

The Shell brand and fuels on the Serbian market. The Shell brand brings strong expertise and, most importantly, aims to strengthen the local economy

Over the course of the next five years, the strategic plan is to operate 50 gas stations carrying out equivalent investments. Our intention is to employee more than 500 employees in the coming years.

You face stiff competition on every market where you operate. How do you cope with that? Through quality, loyalty cards, gifts, promotional campaigns etc.?

We believe in healthy and dynamic competition, which pushes up the quality and standards. The leading differentiated V-Power fuels, designed to maximise engine performance, are available at our petrol stations.

  • 100-octane Shell V-Power gasoline, our most advanced fuel, with boosted DYNAFLEX technology and higher octane for improved engine performance and efficiency. It is the only fuel to be co-engineered and recommended by Ferrari.
  • Shell V-Power Diesel, with DYNAFLEX technology, helps to restore 100% of an engine’s performance. It is our most effective fuel at helping to improve engine cleanliness by removing deposits that may have already formed. In addition, Shell V-Power Diesel has GTL, which is a special synthetic component developed exclusively be Shell’s laboratories, produced from natural gas.
  • 95-octane Shell Gasoline and Shell Diesel, both with DYNOFLEX technology, incorporate new friction-reducing molecules. They enable an improved performance under rough conditions, both on highways and in cities.

Customers can visit our “Shell Select” convenience stores at our stations and choose from a wide range of products and enjoy their coffee. Special loyalty programmes will soon be launched on this market. Our development is based on a dynamic strategy that enables the evolution of the station of the future.

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