Thomas Varvitsiotis, President Of The V+O Group, And Tonia Gogou, General Manager Of V+O Communication, Director For The SE Region

Right People In Place

V+O is a leading, independent and integrated communications agency in the EMEA region, encompassing a Group of 13 companies with a solid business presence and dynamic activity in Southeast Europe: Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Romania, Serbia and N. Macedonia

This agency is always seeking new ways to enhance its services and deliver strategies that have impact and understanding, towards clients’ needs and the concerns of the society and citizens. The plan is to continue working with the same dedication and passion, with a firm belief in the power of communications.

Twenty years of V+O’s success in the region, congratulations! How would you describe your journey from the small business perspective to one of the regional leaders in strategic Corporate Comms and Public Affairs, through the continuous changing of markets, and also through V+O’s unique family approach towards your employees?

Thomas Varvitsiotis: V+O embarked on its business journey 20 years ago, with people sharing the same vision and passion. We began as an entrepreneurial project of a small team of PR executives, which grew over the years to become a leading communication consultancy group that re-shaped the local and regional communications sector. We currently represent a diversified client portfolio of 215 Greek and multinational companies that play a pivotal role in the regional economy.

We pride ourselves on being trusted strategic advisors to our clients, able to take on any kind of complex and challenging reputational, transformational and operational issues. We deliver Corporate Comms & Public Affairs strategies of impact, addressing our clients’ needs with consistency and the best possible strategic solutions to safeguard and promote their corporate reputation, focusing on tangible results.

During this twenty-year journey, we have achieved a lot. We took risks, believed in and enhanced the strengths of our team, and invested in our development, even when the challenges intensified.

Despite our growth, we continue to operate as we did in the beginning. We have become a hub of creativity and a catalyst for growth, for both our clients and our people, which does not stop evolving and looking ahead of its time. A company of truly passionate people, restless of mind. Our 165+ PR experts are the soul of V+O; they are the PR professionals that make us proud, every day, of what V+O is and does. And we thank them for that. We are a business family, more than a company. We also thank all our customers and partners, who have trusted us all these years and helped us grow with them.

As director for the region, you take care of six markets and 165+ employees. Could you please tell us about the biggest professional challenges you face and the success that gives you the greatest sense of pride?

Tonia Gogou: When heading for V+O’s international expansion, we had to confront and overcome the business challenges of the local markets and the diverse demands of our clients, across sectors and industries. None of that would have been tackled if we didn’t have, from the outset, the most essential component: the right people in place and the most experienced minds in action.

We focused on creating a strong network of people, local PR experts who could share V+O’s vision and passion for PR excellence. Local partners of high PR expertise, who could adapt and further develop V+O’s strategic mindset and agile comms strategies, on every market where we are involved.

Creating successful collaborations that endure and evolve over time is not a simple thing. Our people know their markets and understand the needs of their clients and partners. The V+O network’s teams have gained the trust of their clients; they act as trusted partners and provide creative comms strategies and impactful consultancy, based on thorough market assessments and global insights.

Investing in people is the most important thing for us. Our people are our most valuable asset.

V+O’s business value revolves around its people, our teams in Greece and abroad. Passionate people, always looking ahead.

We are a company that has created its own network in the region of Southeast Europe, providing holistic and top-notch PR services, at all levels. We always work as ONE team, aligned with the same vision, values and business ethics. We have PR experts on-board who are committed and share the same strategic comms orientation and creative thinking that saw V+O grow into a leading regional PR consultant. This is why high profile, international and local business champions, across the region, have placed their trust in us over the years, in every country in which we operate.

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