Professor Dr Ioanna Batsialou, Medical Director And Owner Of Ioanna Regen Clinic

Health Is The Marathon Of Life

IOANNA REGEN Clinic is the first and only institution in the region that provides a unique holistic, multidisciplinary, personalized approach to the patient. For 20 years, professor Ioanna Batsialou PhD and her team have maintained a quality of service at the highest level regardless of trends and external influences

Preventive medicine delays or prevents the occurrence of diseases and affects the quality of health as a whole, and regenerative medicine develops therapies and treatment methods for regrowth and renewal ~ explains professor Batsialou, who brings love and care for others to all fields.

You are Greek, but you have also been a citizen of Belgrade for more than 30 years. What brought you to our capital?

I am from Greece and after 30 years of living and working in Serbia, I feel as Serbian as I am Greek. I studied at the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade, where I also received my Ph.D., and I stayed because of the people and the mentality that is close to the Greek. I also stayed because of love – my husband, whom I met here and with whom I have a daughter. What’s more, I stayed because of the work I successfully started here as a pioneer of mesotherapy and anti-aging medicine more than 20 years ago, and because of the clients with whom I have built precious, friendly relationships.

We tried to gather all your specialisations, subspecialisations, titles, functions and jobs, but we did not succeed. What do you do for a living? You are a brand of your own …

In such a responsible profession as medicine, daily training is necessary, so learning and specialisations never stop. Medical achievements and new technologies have opened the way to modern methods of treatment, and in short I would say that I deal with the medicine of beautiful and healthy aging. I brought regenerative and anti-aging medicine to Serbia in order to prevent diseases and insist on elegant aging without serious disease, and aesthetic medicine – my area of subspecialisation – is there to support the face and body to give beauty and dignity to inevitable aging.

Despite the obligations of business, it is very important to transfer love and care for others to all areas of life and to give to those who need it the most. Several times a year, we organise humanitarian actions with the Association of Parents of Children with Cancer (NURDOR), distributing packages for more than 40 children for the holidays. I am a donor of the Women’s Safe House for victims of domestic violence, N.K.V. Katarina Karađorđević, the Zvečanska Centre for the Protection of Infants, Children and Youth, the Novak Đoković Foundation, the Tiršova Children’s University Clinic and the Church Folk Kitchen in Belgrade. I also initiated the action “One brick – a new temple” for the construction of the Church of the Holy Trinity in Vračar, which was built in 2018.

The importance and beauty of charity should be nurtured despite the chaos and lack of time

The importance and beauty of charity should be cared for despite the chaos and lack of time. I am of the opinion that whenever we give, we grow. This applies to all areas of my life and I try to give my love, dedication and knowledge to my family, colleagues and associates, patients … Giving does not only mean material things, and this is something we may have forgotten today.

There is no corporation behind you, no big investors. Does this allow you to build a unique approach to the patient?

It is much harder to build a successful business anywhere in the world as an independent entrepreneur, but that is exactly what allows me to transfer my beliefs and values to work. My colleagues from the faculty, with whom I have been building business and friendly relations for more than 20 years, work with me at the clinic, which gives us the opportunity to maintain a quality of service at the highest level, regardless of trends and external influences. Although there are beautiful but also difficult moments, patients never feel the difference and we manage to provide them with an individual approach and completely personalized therapies that are the only ones that give maximum results.

Your IOANNA REGEN Clinic provides a holistic approach in the field of regenerative, aesthetic and anti-aging non-operative medicine for health and perfect appearance. Are you unique in this in the region?

The ongoing pandemic has once again reminded us that health is a marathon in life, not a 100m sprint. Regenerative and preventive medicine are the basis of good health, and aesthetic and anti-aging medicine are a support for beautiful and healthy aging. Preventive medicine, in the form of genetic analysis done once in a lifetime, give us an insight into the initial status of the organism, its preferences and predispositions – tells us which drugs are most effective for therapy, which diseases we are susceptible to, what foods to avoid and how our skin ages. Preventive medicine is the basis of beautiful, “good and healthy” aging. In order to avoid serious diseases, expensive therapies and medicines, the goal is in preventive and systematic examinations, in introducing gradual changes in lifestyle and educating patients and the general public about what it means to live healthily and age beautifully.

Regenerative and preventive medicine are the basis of good health, and aesthetic and anti-aging medicine are a support for beautiful and healthy aging

In addition to unique and comprehensive procedures and the best apparatus and equipment, you also have top experts from Serbia and abroad. Who makes up your team?

The goal of the IOANNA REGEN Clinic is to engage the most eminent experts from Serbia, the region, but also world-renowned doctors in order to offer comprehensive facial and body therapies, because only a healthy person is a beautiful one. If there are endocrinological or cardiac problems, it will affect the skin of the face and body, the way of aging, and therefore we must always consider the overall health of the patient. We are very proud of our team of specialist doctors, they are extraordinary experts but also people who have dedicated their entire lives to caring for patients. The core of our professional team consists of professor Dr Dragan Dinčić, General and Deputy Chief of the Military Medical Academy in Cardiology, Dr Goran Cvijović, endocrinology specialist, professor Dr Dušan Škiljević, specialist in dermatovenerology, Dr Vladimir Arsenijević, specialist in general surgery and soft surgery, professor Dr Jagoda Jorga, diet therapist and nutritionist, professor Dr Branislav Trifunović, pediatric and plastic surgeon, and Ivana Buzadzić, geneticist. Our team is what sets us apart and allows us to approach each patient in a multidisciplinary manner.

Our region is known for the fact that people want to be beautiful and cared for, to keep themselves well. Are Serbs and Greeks similar in that?

I believe that every region, every nation wants to be beautiful and well cared for – the issue of aesthetics is a broader one whose overall context must be considered. It is also a question of modern trends, the entire culture and tradition, and what Serbs and Greeks are similar in is exactly that. Our mentality is close, a disposition and love of the beauty of living.

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