Predrag Skoković, Managing Director, Quality House

“BUG” Hunters

Quality House was founded in 2004 as a home for software testing professionals driven by a passion to find “one more bug”. Today, with offices in Bulgaria and Serbia, Quality House is a leading provider of software testing services in Southeast Europe

We have set an agenda to increase our presence in other regions. In order to achieve this growth, we devote great effort to educating our team members, following world recognised standards and certification schemes, says Quality House MD Predrag Skoković. What services does your company provide? Is professional software testing the basis for all your activities? – Software development is a very young discipline, but one that’s evolving at an incredible rate. What was seen as a task half a century ago is today recognised as an opportunity for lifelong learning and specialisation. These tectonic movements have not bypassed software testing either.

Following this progress, based on the expectation that high-quality software applications will be an imperative in the 21st century, Quality House was founded in 2004. It is envisaged as a home of software testing professionals, driven by a passion to find “one more bug”.

Today, with offices in Bulgaria and Serbia, Quality House is a leading provider of software testing services (outsourcing, consulting, training), primarily in Southeast Europe.

To repay its debt to the community, Quality House is participating in the organisation (with SEETB) of the SEETEST conference, which is dedicated to the domain of software testing.

Software testing is thought to save more time and money than any other activity in development, because any defect that would delay market entry costs both a company’s money and reputation? Is that right?

– Software testing can be a very expensive “sport”. By itself, it cannot save time and/or money. However, indirectly, if done properly, it can certainly mitigate risks related to developing product and support a development team in implementing application with the desired level of quality, within defined budget and set timeline.

Quality House is participating in the organisation of the SEETEST conference, which is dedicated to the domain of software testing

Since the mid 1950s, when the term ‘Cost of Quality’ was coined, development teams were struggling to keep the cost of poor quality lower than the cost of good quality. In today’s world, it seems like people are slowly getting used to failures in software applications. Yet there are still many more applications that do not see the light of day due to their poor quality. There were (and I’m afraid there will be) companies that lost their reputation or went bankrupt as a consequence of a single “bug”.

By applying proven software testing services, Quality House can help avoid these negative scenarios that could make your company’s name the next news headline.

Which companies and industries do you test for the most?

– Outsourcing companies increase their knowledge with each new client and project. Quality House has a diverse portfolio, covering financial, mission- and safety-critical domains (e.g. banks, the automotive sector etc.). Domain knowledge is very important in providing valuable information to end customers. However, it is necessary to supplement this knowledge with specific technical and soft skills, in order to perform the service to the highest level of quality. Therefore, the QH team is composed of members who have different backgrounds in terms of education, knowledge, skills and experience. This gives us flexibility to quickly solve everyday challenges.

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