Milomir Gligorijević, CEO Of Telegroup System

Knowledge Leaps Borders

TeleGroup system is one of the leading technology companies in the field of information and communication technologies, the modernisation of the electricity industry, technical and Cyber security, intelligent transportation systems and the construction of telecommunication infrastructure in Serbia

Deutsche Telekom assessed TeleGroup as a modern, structured company with excellent potential and that, with our expertise, working discipline, experience and references, we are worthy of their attention and trust in becoming their partner – proudly notes TeleGroup system’s CEO Mr Milomir Gligorijević.

Over the past 20 years of operations on the Serbian market, TeleGroup has succeeded in gaining an enviable reputation in our region and abroad. What makes you particularly proud?

I’m primarily proud of our many years of operations and survival on such a dynamic market. We have been operating in Serbia for 20 years, and in Bosnia- Herzegovina for 25 years, while we are also present in other countries of the region, where we operate to the highest standards of the sector.

Our success is precisely the fact that we know what we’re doing and that we always keep pace with modern technologies. Thanks to our knowhow, competencies and our personnel, we are today participating in the development of strategic projects. I’m proud of the entire families that have grown up and work at our company today, and I’m also happy about the frequent returns of the best staff after they’ve worked on foreign markets and projects. Our results, our people, our courage and knowhow have built a reputation that has stood the test of time and earned the attention of foreigners.

It was five years ago that you recognised the potential to expand your operations to the territory of Central Europe. How did Germany distinguish itself on that large market of huge opportunities?

Germany is the economic locomotive of our part of the world. We analysed the development of telecommunication and saw that our expertise would be important in the future, particularly in the area of building optical infrastructure. That future is already unfolding today, as we talk. Germany has strongly, and with huge resources, launched the implementation of a huge project – FIBER OPTICS TO EVERY RESIDENT – and we are part of that.

Deutsche Telekom, as one of the world’s leading telecom operators, is striving to become a leader in building Europe’s digital sovereignty. It is a special honour for us that – alongside the infrastructure investments that we’ve agreed to make over the next five years, as well as maintenance – we are today jointly discussing great ideas and opportunities to engage highly qualified personnel for future project planning, optimisation and design projects in telecommunications. We are today working and thinking together with the teams of Deutsche Telekom.

We consider the model of work in Germany and at home as being optimal for our mentality

How did your cooperation with Deutsche Telekom come about? What recommended you to them – was it your strong references, expertise, experience?

The initiative originated with our company. We are fortunate that, in addition to wonderful engineers, we have excellent experts working in communications and international relations, who recognised that our knowhow can leap borders. With clear communication and the presenting of our expertise, Deutsche Telekom gave us the opportunity to prove ourselves on pilot jobs in the German cities of Kiel and Braunschweig. We’ve proven ourselves and met expectations in the domain of our working method, knowhow and quality. Next came a chance to cooperate further on the building of future networks over the next five years and in maintaining existing infrastructure. My dream, which I initiated five years ago while working with Siemens, has now blossomed with new energy with the launch of Deutsche Telecom projects development. I have enjoyed the way they discuss, do business and plan, because their procedures, rules and business culture were things that attracted and encouraged us to endure on the difficult path of proving our competencies.

How does your cooperation with Deutsche Telekom function? Directly or through subsidiaries? Do you have subcontractors?

Our cooperation with Deutsche Telekom is totally direct and open. We create it mutually. We easily agreed that, due to simplicity and legal regulations, the cooperation would be led by TeleGroup GmbH, as a German legal entity. Deutsche Telekom is acquainted in fine detail with the personnel and all other capacities and resources at TeleGroup system’s disposal, and it accepted to enable other companies in our system, apart from TeleGroup GmbH, to participate in projects: TeleGroup Belgrade and TeamEnergo from Serbia, Tech Team from Croatia, TeleGroup Banja Luka, TeleGroup Sarajevo, G&T Inženjering Banja Luka from Bosnia-Herzegovina and Diagram from Slovenia.

Milomir Gligorijević

All of our companies are involved in this project, yet even all of us are not enough, we strive to cover the vast needs and as a key partner of Deutsche Telekom Technik in Balkans we are broadening our human resource capacities to meet the groving needs of the work in the next five years in the North of Germany.

Is it true that you have the best teams in the area of copper and optical infrastructure, and that your cooperation with Deutsche Telekom provides an opportunity for TeleGroup employees to train and develop?

Yes, that’s correct. We really have high-quality teams. These are people who’ve been working together for a long time and have been engaged in projects with almost all telecom companies in the region. Our people are really top masters of their craft, ennobled with knowledge and, even more importantly, vast experience. We love our home, family, friends from the neighbourhood, our cafes and musicians. That’s precisely what brought us all back from the abroad to our homeland. However, in order for our region to be modern and competent, we must sometimes stretch our seven-league boots. That’s why we consider the model of work in Germany and at home as being optimal for our mentality. For us, cooperation with Deutsche Telekom represents, among other things, a chance to train and improve our people and to work at home, but also in Germany, with a reliable employer that keeps pace with the ambitions of the market.

We are currently concentrating on The North of Germany, where we were welcomed very collegially and with great respect

Are you proud of the fact that your cooperation with Deutsche Telekom has opened the door and provided an opportunity for other Serbian companies to work on this demanding market?

TeleGroup is the first company from Serbia to have direct cooperation with Deutsche Telekom, and we consider that a great success and a true privilege. Germany and Deutsche Telekom have the ambition to be the first in the development of fiber optics, which is why we are happy to have arrived at the right time! TeleGroup GmbH is growing and developing through ever more projects, the technological equipment we have at our disposal, the expansion of our human resource capacities and expansion to new offices in Hamburg and Kiel.

We are currently concentrating on the north of Germany, where we were welcomed very collegially and with great respect. We independently, as a system, covered the areas of Braunschweig, Kiel, all the way to Lubeck.

We are happy with the fact that we have justified the trust of our German partner and thus enabled other companies from our market to demonstrate their expertise and knowhow. We are impressed that we are in the company of serious companies from Serbia, that we are together defending and raising the reputation of our country and profession.

Our company’s doors are constantly open to all interested engineers, technicians and fitters who have knowledge of the German language and accept discipline and apply the rules of the profession, and who strictly respect the organisation and wish to shoulder with us, work “side by side”, to build something great together!

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